THE UNBREAKABLE BOND: The Break Free Retreat

How would you feel if you walked into a weekend where you knew no one? Fearful? Anxious? Excited?

4 days ago I led my FOURTH sold out retreat with women from all over the nation.

A magical thing took place…something I’ve been dreaming of, hoping for and intentionally creating since I started leading retreats: these women became sisters. Soul mates. 

Each beautiful soul from a completely different background, all trying to overcome obstacles that have kept them from living out their dreams.

I wish I took a picture of each woman as they entered the lodge on day one. Some were scared, anxious, fearful and trepidatious about what was to come.

Their vices taken away: alcohol, mind numbing TV and a chip basket to talk around.

They had to be themselves. Almost no one knew one another when they booked the retreat. I think only two of them knew each other before the retreat.

But on day three, when they left through those doors…WOW! Glowing faces, laughter, big squeezing hugs and tears in their eyes as they departed.

Pictures by: Nicole Carter

This was the most life changing moment when I read them their answers to this question:

What do you want to BREAK FREE from?

My character defect of not putting myself first – I need to be my number ONE priority in my life right now.

The need to people please. 

The need for acceptance from others.

How to manage stresses in life and how to not get stuck in ruts.

Getting out of comfort zone.

Depression and poor self-care.

I have a lot of anxiety, all of the time.

I am constantly second guessing myself, especially since becoming a mother.

I tend to be obsessive about how I present myself to others. I’d love to just let go of the self-limiting belief that I need the approvals of others in order to be happy. Also, my vision of success and how much stress that puts on me.

I want to break free from being stuck, unfulfilled and just not genuinely happy in my life. I want to find my greater purpose in life, pursue it, reach great fulfillment and pure happiness.

More confidence in the workplace!

I want to break free from the anger I have that won’t allow me to make deeper connections.

Self-doubt & Fear

My bad habits and lack of confidence. I have blocks around money and building MY business.

I focus a lot on my jobs, but I am not being compensated for my worth. I struggle financially and with keeping my own steady habits for wellness.

I want to break free from myself in a way.

Fear – my own insecurities (known and unknown/subconscious).

I want to BREAK FREE from the old me.  The quiet, second guessing, let someone else go first me.  I want to become the speak up first, stand up for herself and her ideas me, who stands confident in her experiences and trusts herself and respects herself and takes herself seriously – so much so that she is her own #1 supporter, and people around her can’t help but join in as well!

Every single day, every workshop, every meal was on purpose.

We ate anti – inflammatory foods so our minds would be clear.

We sweat in barre and dance class so we’d feel refreshed and energetic.

We had the Break Free Workshop to release trapped trauma.

We broke free in the Improv Workshop to surprise ourselves with how good it feels to laugh and trust our wildly spot on instinct.

The retreat was the beginning, the kick off to a much larger, more in – depth program starting in January 2019.

The 6 Month Break Free Program.

The Break Free Retreat is over, but the transformations are just beginning.

Application only:

When I started coaching – I was the weight loss queen and still am, but it’s much deeper.

Holy shit.

My expertise keeps expanding because of personal and professional experience.

When I started coaching – I was the weight loss queen and still am, but it’s much deeper.

Now I’m getting emails from women who have:
• hypothyroidism
• Epstein-Barr
• cancer

These women want to ward off infections with nutrition and herbs.

They want to figure out why one part of their life is easy to handle and other parts they just can’t seem to “get it together.”

They are not alone.

I want to fight my health demons with the exact same method and that’s why I have a team working with me:

  • Naturopath
  • Neurologist 
  • Health coach
  • Detox Specialist 
  • Massage therapist

We aren’t meant to do it alone.

We should be hiring the experts to do the job that isn’t in our wheelhouse. So when something seems “expensive” think about the return on investment the ROI.

When I take women through my 90 day program they hit major breakthroughs. They do things they haven’t done in the last 10 YEARS AFTER 3 MONTHS.

Of course it’s going to be an investment.

Of course I’m paying my health team some serious scrilla because my health is number one.

If that means I gotta hustle harder and make money to afford the experts, I’ll do it every time.

Who’s with me?

last yoga & dessert workshop of 2016


When you’re hosting a lavish event, like this yoga + dessert workshop, you forget to take pictures!  BUT, glad I clicked a couple and came up with these frozen memories. 🙂

I can’t wait to offer more events in 2017.  I am tossing around the idea of seasonal detox 3 hour workshops offered every season, but we’ll see. STAY TUNED!  The video below was filmed by our Restorative Yoga Teacher, Ginger Saunders.

Here are some of our beautiful girls from Saturday nights workshop – it’s limited to 10 women to keep the event and space snuggly and cozy.  It’s much different when you have a workshop in a yoga studio and rental space, but when it’s your home, you want it to feel just right.

Here we have our marshmallow stuffed ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies – featured in the clean eating recipe dessert guide coming out this month.

Another picture captured from the oven right after the timer went off.  MMmmmmmm

The yoga mats, jackets and shoes with my new JOY sign from Target made me feel festive and warm!

This is a different view of the room we did Restorative Yoga in taught by Ginger Saunders.

Lemon water to detox before we indulged in the gluten, dairy + nut free desserts.

The cinnamon streusel muffins.  Right out of the oven, these babies are to die for.  I had the girls heat them up for 10-15 seconds so the frosting could melt a little.  Muffins like these are best served warm.  

Everyone received unlimited desserts, a holiday dessert guide with recipes and a mason jar with Skin Detox tea made by Yogi Teas.

These were the fudgy brownies that we ate with mint chocolate chip “ice cream” made by So Delicious.  The ice cream has no sugar added and is gluten, dairy and soy free.

Here’s our display for the evening tasting!

There were only a few left, which I happily devoured over the next two days with my husband.

So there you have it!  Make sure you keep your eyes open for the dessert recipe guide release with recipes from workshop #1, workshop #2 and my other favorites!