My New Day Northwest Starring Debut!

After a very slow start to the year (recovering from a c-section) the last few months have zoomed like a train without any stops!!!

I am SOOOO grateful for Joseph, the producer from New Day Northwest on King 5. He sent me an email and 5 days later I was showing Margaret, the host of New Day Northwest, how to make chocolate mint protein balls! WHAT A RIDE!

Here’s your backstage pass to everything I did beforehand to get ready for my 8 minutes of fame. 😉

First of all – I had to get a new e-book cover created because I wanted it to be much prettier than my previous design…there she is below!

Once that was finished, I sent the recipe guide with this cover over to Office Depot where they created a gorgeous looking spiral notebook like the one you see pictured above. All of my detoxes for 2018 will include spiral notebook print outs and the Winter Beauty Detox Retreat will include the winter detox in the VIP swag bags, (they are so sick).

Then Bode man and me went shopping for cute dishes I could use on set but Homegoods didn’t have much of a selection and I was running out of time so I got the holiday looking dishes. When I arrived at the studio and showed the producer my dishes she said, “Oh! I didn’t know you were doing a holiday segment.” To which I replied, “I’m not….” HAHAHHA

Before I left for Seattle, I headed to Jax Salon + Spa to get my hair washed and styled, because there was no time to do it myself and I wanted to look fancy! So Stephenie, the master stylist, worked her magic and I left feeling like a beauty! THANKS STEPHENIE!


After one of the worst nights of “sleep” aka Bode woke up every hour and a half because he had a stuffy nose, I finally dragged myself out of bed at 7am and said to myself, “TODAY IS THE DAY YOU WERE MEANT TO SHINE!!!!!!”

I said goodbye to my sweet Bode man, who hung out with my folks and jammed out to hip hop on my way to the studio. Well….jammed out 50% of the time and had a fake conversation to myself in a British accent the other 50%.

While I was unloading my bags on bags on bags, my SUPER HERO HUSBAND who just got off of a 48 hour shift surprised me in the parking garage!!!!!!! He took over bag duty and allowed me to carry the light ones and profess my undying love for his help and surprise!

We had some fun in the studio before air time and then it was time…

WATCH VIDEO HERE (recipe too)

This experience has inspired me to do more, think bigger and reach out to more local news stations and radio programs. Doing this segment built my confidence because I actually knew what I was talking about. Know what I mean? I was talking about holistic health, my passion and my career.


Sisterhood Love,

J Muenz