Day 8,9 and 10 of 10 Day Auto Immune/Weight Loss Challenge

Wow! Here’s what I’ve learned about myself: I cannot write consistently for 10 days straight! I finished the challenge in terms of eating more real food, juicing every day and exercising, but tack on journaling and I fell short!

I’d like to blame so many things….. lack of sleep due to toddler wake ups, not wanting to type and instead of present to my kid, etc. All the bullshit excuses for not completing something.

My results: Lost 4 pounds, recorded a podcast episode about it and decided that instead of finishing this blog journal, the podcast would be sufficient, but HEY it was another excuse!

Who knew that the mindset queen would have her own hiccups?

This happened the last time I did a 30 day yoga challenge and a 3 day juice fast. I ended up hating yoga, took a break and only made it one day into my juice fast! HA! I used to be such an extremist, but in my older age 😉 I’ve softened and I don’t like extremes anymore. I’d rather live as balanced and healthy as I can without missing out on the good stuff….and life… and real moments.

I also learned that when I have food prepped and ready to grab and heat or grab n’ go I’m like a super human.

OH and protein bars and me don’t like each other. I was hooked on macro bars for years, but haven’t touched one in a few weeks and I don’t think I like them anymore. I’d rather wake up, drink a juice, eat a banana and figure it out for the rest of the day!

Plus, waking up to juice is like an instant trip to the bathroom. Celery runs through you girl, let me tell you…

I’ve been loving celery, lemon, apple and ginger juices freshly made by me or my hubs, who’s also started to love juicing.

It’s contagious.

When you see people glowing and feeling good, you can’t help but wonder what they do!

So that plus…

homemade smoothie bowls, jasmine rice and chicken with avocado and basil, gluten and dairy free grilled cheese sandwiches, cucumbers and hummus or turkey sausage and eggs or avocado toast or a delicious smoothie packed with berries, dates, spinach, coconut milk and hemp seeds… this is what dreams are made of…

Also – cravings change based on weather, season, that time of the month, etc.

Thanks for being a part of the challenge!

Lovin’ Life,

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