Last chance to join the Fall Detox

If you’re anything like me, you feel like there’s not enough time to tackle EVERY single thing on your MUST DO IN THIS LIFE list.

Your bucket list is growing.

You have 10 dream places to visit.

You might have your goal jeans hanging in the closet giving you the side eye.

I want you to ask yourself these questions…  What are you waiting for to get healthy?  What is holding you back? Is it fear of how you’ll feel when you start losing weight? Fear of no longer eating foods you “love?” Seems like they aren’t doing you any favors.

Wouldn’t it feel great to get 3-7 pounds of inflammation out of your beautiful body?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to slide on your goal outfits? The ones you fit into a few years ago?

It’s simple. The Fall Detox. And doors close THIS Friday.

I’m more engaged than ever. I’m in that Facebook group answering questions and cheering you on because that is how I support, that is how I give you the nudge to make lasting changes.

Sure, you can totally keep buying 10 day programs with supplements, powders and pills OR you could spend some time getting to know your produce section.

It is the easiest way to eat when you make the transition, because you like to feel good, right j?

Stop wasting your life wishing for weight loss and more energy, use the kitchen, honey bunny. Let’s get to it and do this together.

Sign me up now, J. I am ready.

Last day to sign up is Friday, September 22nd. Say YES and head into winter without seasonal colds and a rockin’ body to match. Immunity power, baby.

Sisterhood Love,


J Muenz is a Detox Specialist and Holistic Health Coach for “Do it all” ladies who want to lose 5-20 pounds and wake up like they did before overwhelm set in. J teaches you how to eat specifically for your body without dieting, deprivation or pills and powders. She will empower you to uncover your true self and teach you how to reclaim your goddess vibes.

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