I haven’t revealed this before…

Giving birth to Bode was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Not only was I wrecked physically, I held onto who I was before Bode and couldn’t wrap my brain around having a baby emotionally for months after he arrived.

The pregnancy and the baby shower were like cupcakes compared to having a baby, which is like owning a bakery, 3 Mexican restaurants and a pizzeria.

If you’ve been on here for a while you probably read how depressed I was about my body after the c-section.

I was beginning to think the inflammation was permanent and I was going to be one of those Mama’s who say, “I had a baby and it changed my body forever.”

If you are new around these parts, before I got pregnant, I taught 2-3 yoga + barre classes per day, had boundless energy, a flat stomach, could out move n’ groove anyone in my path and did it all while running a business, getting married, moving and recovering from foot surgery. #psycho

Then I had my baby boy, Bode James and everything changed.

My body went to hell in a hand basket, along with my once flat stomach.  I now have a 5 inch scar that reminds me every day of that traumatic emergency surgery that changed my life. 

Maybe you’ve gone through something like this before and came out on the other end like I did.

I lost the 33 pounds within 3 months and hit my pre-baby weight without exercising because I knew the exact steps I had to take to get back to fighting shape.

Or maybe you reached your fitness goals, felt like a bomb ass lady, but something kicked you in the butt again…

  • You had a baby
  • You lost your job
  • You found out something crappy
  • Your trust was challenged
  • You had an emergency surgery
  • Your stress level hit an all-time high
  • You moved

If you’re like, “J, you are reading my mind. I am stressed and do not know how to deal.”

I designed this for you: Join the free 7 day training right here!

Mucho love!

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