Calling all women who are ready to break free from playing small, even if you think you're showing up...

Do you desire…

Major breakthroughs in all avenues of your life: career, family, health and purpose?

Shedding years of layers that have kept you stuck from growing into the woman you see as the real you? You know the one...she's a star, she's an entrepreneur, she's breaking free from being "just" wife + mama, she's not taking about her dream bod, because she has it.

Dear Wearer of Many Crowns,

My name is J Muenz, CEO of Activate Your Gifts, Break Free Mastermind and Fearful to Fit Mentor™ Five years ago, I was stuck, unfulfilled and not knowing what or how to fill my purpose.

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With a 23-pound weight loss success story, TV appearances, nationally published articles and a fitness modeling career on the rise, I couldn’t figure out what the hell I was supposed to be DOING. Or rather, why I was making it so hard on myself. I had just started health coaching and still didn’t know if it was the career I wanted or how to make it financially worth it.

Charging my worth didn’t mean much to me because I had NO IDEA how worthy of success that I was. I struggled with the idea of helping others with their confidence when I had so little. Which just made me feel worse.

I struggled with my identity and how I had gotten to where I was. I contemplated joining the 9-5’ers knowing deep down that I’d give it a few months and hate my life…again. Because I had done it before. The corporate life that is. And I couldn’t do it anymore but didn’t know what to do next.

I often felt like I was working for free and all of my certifications, and educational bills were mounting up. I felt desperate. I spent so much time on Craigslist typing in key words to the search box, looking for what I already knew didn’t exist. I spent a lot of money buying business courses I never intended to actually do.

But this is all good news for YOU because……….

I’ve learned through hard work and tons of trial and error, so YOU don’t have to.

And while I was busy making all those mistakes in the what in the hell am I doing here arena, I did ONE thing right: I invested in a high-end mentor. More than one, actually.

I provided myself with the support, the structure and the accountability of a coach and I began to carve out a name for myself, specializing in helping women give themselves the permission to break free from their doubt, own their worth and build the confidence they’ve always desired to take the next step, even if they are freaked the f out.

That is when everything changed. The path became clear and the confidence flowed through me with WAY less struggle and my private clients became results driven success stories. I would like YOU to experience similar results.

After all, a woman with confidence and a plan, who is compensated for her worth, THAT is a woman who is ready to BREAK FREE from her insecurities.


And I’m going to let you in on a little secret……. you only need your confident voice to be louder than your scared freak out voice.

But what is truly required to make this a reality?  Several elements my soul purpose sister. There is a recipe for success in the "being scared, but doing it any way" world and when you put that exact recipe together, you get glowing victory.  Miss one of the elements and you’re SOL.

You will require a structure and a system to follow and a mentor and coach to keep you accountable and show you the ropes.  Besides, what’s a great coach without a really stellar coach of her own?

My invitation to YOU:

This is perfect for you if you have a really big vision for yourself and you can’t envision anything but fully stepping into that.

The Sacred Sisterhood

>>> Officially Opens Now <<<

I have designed this program to serve YOU, deeply. You’ll receive the benefits of weekly coaching with me AND the brilliant “brain trust” of a mastermind with other smart, talented women just like yourself who are rising to start showing up. This is for the woman who’s waiting to arrive and wondering when she’ll “get there,” wondering if the dream of stepping into her own power is going to happen or simply just a dream. I’m here to tell you it is real.

This program is right for YOU if:

  • You feel like a diamond in the rough, talented and ready to breakthrough and shine as the expert you are
  • You desire to create a powerful impact but aren't sure to how get there, calling you out ADD lady
  • You want an influx of cash flow from doing what you love
  • You are deeply committed to breaking every negative pattern that holds you back
  • You desire the confidence to stand with the value of what you provide your family, your career and your relationships while staying true to you
  • You want to feel completely clear about what you do and the value you provide, making it an easy question to answer when asked
  • You want the support of a high-level coach and understand you cannot get that from a standard program
  • Want a plan crafting your ideal body and eating for energy, and never following another diet again
  • Willing to get out and be visible in order to attract your soulmate, your ideal clients and more...

Here's what Heidi says about her experience in the mastermind

It’s been a journey to finally get the clarity I’ve been seeking; but now that I have it, I can move forward to create change and chart a vibrant, new path for myself. After reading about J’s Mastermind program (feeling it was right, but hesitant to sign up), the voices were telling me… it’s TIME, to INVEST, in YOU!  You are WORTH IT!

I signed up and never looked back. I believe in J, adore her, and her Mastermind program is an integral part of my personal growth and overall success!" - Heidi C.

Imagine this:

  • You have so much respect for yourself and
  • You become your #1 supporter so much that people can’t help but join in!
  • You have created a generous savings account, allowing you to travel, save for your future and buy a 10 day trip to Europe.
  • You can travel without feeling like it’s going to break the bank.
  • You’re breaking free from all the things that normally hold you back.
  • You’re no longer allowing your insecurities to take over, you’re finally the confident, bold, successful woman you’ve always seen from within!
  • Your speaking up for yourself, standing confidently in your experiences and trusting your instincts.

You’ve activated your genius and you know exactly what you want out of life, but how are you truly going to become her? You're going to join this mastermind for the next four months, because you don't just have the motivation, you NEED the plan - the action - the kick in the pants to get this party STARTED. And I'm not going to let you fail - nope - no way - no how.


If you really want to take this next step of your life seriously, join the...

Sacred Sisterhood

Say you want to be an author, you want to speak at workshops, you want to lead retreats, you want to transform your body and become the super fit and toned version of yourself, you want to start a new biz, you want to attract your soul mate, it's all here...waiting for you.

This is about breaking every one of your limitations, this is about fully becoming her and owning it for ten months straight.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

Our program is broken into specific topics where you’ll make concrete, result-oriented goals for yourself. Not everyone is at the same exact level, so these goals are particular to where you’re at in your life. I’ll be giving you specific feedback on what you need to do to enhance your experience and follow through each month.

  • Topic: Get into action (like yesterday!)
  • Topic: How to sustain mindset and internal shifts
  • Topic: Uncover blocks
  • Topic: How to stay fit while you're in sessions all day
  • Topic: How to go next level in your mindset, while busting through limiting beliefs
  • Topic: How to be visible when all you want to do is shrink
  • Topic: How to get off the couch when you're in the midst of extreme fatigue or mind overload
  • Topic: What juices to make for energy, clear-headedness
  • Topic: How to quit caffeine for good so you can get quality sleep and get to work

This is what Heather said about how she made the best decision of her life...

"After months of debating about the mastermind program and if it was the right time to jump in, I stopped making excuses or promising myself it was a some day goal.  I remember thinking about it often and getting the emails and thinking...”I need to invest in myself and just go all in. So I did and I'm so glad I did.” - Heather Hastings

If you're still reading, you are soooooo needing this!


 Your program experience includes:

  • Your personalized 2-hour “virtual” intensive to clarify where you are now and the path to get you breaking free. We get started right away with this.
  • Email Support for the duration of our program. Shoot me questions, concerns, and what you’re working on. Have a quick question about how to handle something? I’ll give you expert advice when you need it.
  • Weekly Step into Action Coaching Sessions (all recorded and available in membership site) so you can learn from and grow with your fellow sacred sisters.
  • 1 Coaching Activation with me Per month: I’ll give you my best on-the-spot laser coaching every month (most mastermind's don't include private sessions, but I couldn't resist!)
  • Guides when necessary to enhance your experience. That’s right, they’ll be downloads and handouts to go with our trainings for you to tackle...only when necessary to avoid overwhelm.
  • Private Facebook Community for continuous support and feedback

I have so much to teach you:

  • how to follow your own ideas and just go for it, I'll teach you HOW.
  • how to lead sold out retreats, workshops and classes: I'll teach you what I do from the pre - planning stages to what happens when the retreat is over: learn from me, the 5 time sold out retreat leader!
  • the mindset you need to start your own business, logic and emotion will work for you to map out your dream biz and the plan that will work for you to launch successfully.
  • how you let go of extreme perfectionism, black and white thinking to a much easier, happier mindset

It’s not only about what you’ll learn. It’s about WHO you’ll become...HER.


Why work with me?

Because I can teach you the exact mindset shifts and action steps you must take to create your confident, passionate self. I’ve already been there, already done it. My clients routinely share goal achievement within a very short period of time through my teachings and strategies. I’ve learned from the greats and traveled to Asia, Europe, California, Seattle and more to take courses with masters in detox, yoga, mindset and holistic wellness.

Bonuses worth $3,500!

Bonus #1: ($3,000 value)

• Sacred Elevation Retreat

Bonus #2: ($500 value)

• 2 Expert Trainings with Intuitive Psychic Expert and Author of Amazon Bestseller, Time Millionaire

What really BOTHERS ME about other coaching programs and why work with me?

Ok so if you know me at all by now, you know I do like to keep it positive and I believe anyone can do anything they set their mind to. What does bug me, however, is that so many coaches begin teaching others right out of the gate about how to go from this to that when they have NOT done it themselves (YET).

And here is the deal, you can coach anyone on anything if you’re a great coach. In fact, I have had the privilege to coach millionaires even though I am not a millionaire (YET). So, I don’t think it is a hard and fast rule that you must have done the exact thing that you’re coaching on; however, it just makes sense that you’d want to work with a coach who has already built her entire empire with a computer, the right coach and her set of skills.

I know that there are many programs to choose from and everyone and their mother is teaching about how to go from feeling less than to a bold and brazen bad ass—I get that. But choose wisely on who you choose to coach you because you are tapping into their energy, their wealth consciousness and their level of vibration. It’s called entrainment. Entrain and align yourself with the level you’d like to see yourself grow to.

Surround yourself with like-minded women who are going for it in their lives and you’ll see the difference. Short of my family that I love, there is nothing else that matters to me more than guiding fearful women into a place of SHOWING UP. You will see and feel that from me. That is the level of commitment that you will be tuning into in your own life.

And I promise that you are working with a coach who believes in the power of coaching wholeheartedly and continuously invests upwards of 25K per year to be coached and mentored by the best. You may not be ready to hire and work with million-dollar mentors just yet, but I am, and you get to receive that additional benefit through me as well. You will be tapping into the expansive energy of me and my extraordinary mentors as well. I will always bring you the best information and leading teachings to apply to your life. Through my own continuous transformation, you will also be transformed.

J Muenz


"J kept it real. I not only received great coaching and support but also built a friendship. I lost a total of 18 pounds in less than 90 days… but it wouldn’t be possible without her inspiration. I remind myself that a number [on the scale] is just a number, it’s the lifestyle that J has helped me create that is most valued." - Jess Bredow

“I can already feel life getting lighter and lighter – and it feels good. I feel free. I just wanted to really send you a thank you (for real) because if not for you, I think I would be in a funk and not sure how to get out of it. But your guidance and positive attitude has really helped me to keep moving in the direction that will end in good things. You are the best at what you do – and I am not sure that with you in my corner, I would be able to fail, even if I wanted to.” – Shauna Brown

"I changed in terms of mindset, peace, and I came to understand myself in relation to food habits and exercise in a way I had never been able to.  This self-understanding was life-changing.” Courtney Yant

Decide how You'll Elevate...



Is there a payment plan?

Yes! I love payment plans, made that easy for you.

Why is this different?

This is different than therapy or private coaching...It's better because of the sisterhood AND you get private time with me too. The results you're going to get in this mastermind continue past the program.

What is the time commitment?

About 2 - 3 hours per week. Let's get real, this is about your life and if you're not 100% present in your life already and you don't think you have 2-3 hours a week, then you need this program. You get to be the real you, the raw you, the one that gets to take the mask off.

Here's another one I get, "I want to do this program, but I talked to my husband and he doesn't get it."

I stopped thinking I needed to ask anyone else for permission the first time I invested in myself without talking to anyone. Purely gut intuition and I didn't want to stay in the same place for another second.

I'm not an entrepreneur, nor do I want to be - is this still a good fit?

This is for women who want more out of life. If your version of wanting more out of life is simply to have more fun and excitement and joy, then that what this program is about for you. We do have some entrepreneurs. This is a program not geared just towards entrepreneurs, but you'll be inspired by women going for what they want.

Sign up here...