21 Day End Emotional Eating Program




Are you still struggling with your diet, your gym schedule, having a social life and trying to lose weight all at the same time? Have you tried all sorts of programs to help you bring results in your life but not getting anywhere?



The 21 Day End Emotional Eating Program

For overwhelmed, frustrated, emotional women who want to reclaim their body and mindset.

Society makes it really hard to fall in love with our bodies. I'm asking you to reclaim your confidence and put the mirror shame in the trash can.

There are processed foods everywhere, chemicals harming everything from our hair to our skin, and then we have the media putting psychological pressure on our minds.

We then strive to become the "perfect woman."

We’ve lost touch with what real food is, what real nutrition is - instead we fill ourselves with empty calories and try to keep healthy with pills and powders. And we do not get the results we have worked so hard we end up eating something sweet to soothe the soul. We forget how to eat for nourishment, instead grabbing for convenience.

Pressure, stress, society’s standards make it hard to focus on the important elements of a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes it’s easier to just buy takeout, after all, you are exhausted from your 9-5 and the last thing you want to do is cook.

All of these things are overwhelming… They are enough to make you want to just give up!

But there is a solution.

  • Regaining control of your body and mindset is possible.
  • Improving your health and giving your body a fighting chance is possible.
  • Transforming from the inside out is possible.

… Everything is possible, as long as you have the right tools and mindset.

  • No more searching for a program that gives you the "exact protocol" without the emotional component.
  • No more wondering why you can't have the results other women have when following the exact same plan.
  • No more losing 10 pounds and gaining it back because the program you followed didn't get into the root of the emotional piece of weight gain.

It’s about digging deep into stress management, emotional eating, and self-care.

The END EMOTIONAL EATING PROGRAM will stop destructive mindsets in their tracks! 

It's all about how we see food and view life.

  • Did you know that eating fresh, natural foods isn't a punishment for the life you've led until now - it's an INVESTMENT in your future? You have to change the way you view things first though!
  • Fresh, nutrient-packed fruits, vegetables, and lean meats aren't boring and tasteless – you just have to get creative and the process is fun! I will teach you how to make beautiful food!
  • Eating lighter, healthier and fresher isn't depriving yourself of good food, it's filling your body with the nourishment it needs to do wonderful, exciting things! Your body is meant to do so much more than what you know!
  • Taking time for you isn’t selfish, it’s vital self-care! Some of us cannot easily grasp this concept. But it’s time for YOU to understand how to manage and balance your life and put yourself – lovingly first!

In less than 21 days, Courtney lost 11 pounds following this program, see below...











Ending Emotional Eating Will Enable You To:

  • Get your health back and get unstuck from unhealthy cycles
  • Feel energetic, strong and empowered
  • Get lighter on your feet and in your soul
  • Discover how your body will feel when it's not loaded with toxins, inflammation and all that extra baggage you don't need
  • Remove toxic thoughts from your mind once and for all

To End Emotional Eating, you have to start with your mindset.

I will help you tackle that first!

You need to pinpoint the toxic, destructive thoughts and address them. You need the tools to be able to be self-aware and also to nourish your body and soul with absolute goodness.

What qualifies me to help you?


I'm a Detox Specialist and Holistic Health Coach who lost 25 pounds from CONQUERING emotional eating. I learned how to STOP trying to "fill up" with food, so I could teach this exact protocol to private clients.

I've worked with more than 100 women in my private coaching program, seasonal detoxes online and in fitness studios and I am READY TO SUPPORT YOU TOO!

Coaching women on their emotional eating transformation is my passion, my mission and you will witness the fabulous and supportive group when you enroll in this program.



You can transform the way you look and feel, by changing the way you think.

You can END EMOTIONAL EATING by changing your relationship with food, your body, and your life!

When you sign up for the program now, you'll get:









  • 29 mouth-watering recipes, with 3 weeks of suggested meals and a shopping list to make life easier for you!
  • Nutrition as a core body foundation so you can FEED your MIND!
  • In-depth mindset work and exercises
  • Sisterhood support (access to women who are on this journey too!)
  • Your personal food diary, self - love journal, and 50 affirmations guide to carry on progressing even after the 21 days are over
  • Bonus #1: Kick Off Master Class on Tuesday, September 4th @ 12:00pm PST
  • Bonus #2: Wrap Up Master Class on Thursday, September 20th @ 12:00pm PST

Embrace Your Beautiful Soul and UNLEASH the type of life you’ve always wanted!

  • Regular: $147
  • Early Bird Special: $97 for a 3 WEEK PROGRAM (valued at more than $500!)
  • OPTIONAL Add - On (highly recommended): 40-minute Private Coaching: $147

Total with Private Coaching:

  • Regular $147 + $250 = $397 (21 Day Program + 40 minute private session)
  • Early Bird Special w/coaching: $97 + $147 = $244 (21 Day Program + 40 minute private session)

Don’t you sometimes feel like you’re just a zombie, eating what’s in front of you, working, sleeping, barely making it through the day?

Do you feel like there's no end to your struggle with food and emotional well-being?

By committing to this program and allowing me to walk you through it, you will get:

  • More energy, so you can tackle all of your to - do's
  • A stronger immune system, so you can stop getting the seasonal cold
  • Clearer, brighter skin, and hair that grows longer than your shoulders
  • More laser - beamed focus, so you can stop wondering why you walked into a room
  • More comfort in your own skin rather than wanting to be someone else
  • Fewer aches and pains so you can stop complaining and start feeling good again
  • No more constant, excessive bloating and gas, instead you'll be whistling Dixie to a well-oiled machine
  • And most important – the willpower to push through anything that life can throw at you! No more fear! No more doubts!

Join the Program now and transform your life today!

  • Regular: $147
  • Early Bird Special: $97 for a 3 WEEK PROGRAM (valued at more than $500!)
  • OPTIONAL Add - On (highly recommended): 40-minute Private Coaching: $147

Total with Private Coaching:

  • Regular Rate $147 + $250 = $397 (21 Day Program + 40 minute private session)
  • Early Bird Special w/coaching: $97 + $147 = $244 (21 Day Program + 40 minute private session)

Listen from clients who have worked with me…


  • DONE packing on the pounds because you are DONE hiding. No more. Not for ANYBODY.
  • So sick and tired of eating your feelings because you don't know how to go through them.
  • Fed up with every diet and feeling like a failure because you couldn't stick to 10 calories per day.
  • Ready to release the body that keeps you in disguise.
  • No longer feeling lost - you know that today is just the beginning.
  • Never buying the packaged diet food again, you know that if you can't prepare it yourself, it's temporary.


I'm a Health Coach, Detox Specialist and former Fitness Model turned Mama on a mission to help you lose weight, wounds + worries in LESS than 90 days.

My superpower is to help you BREAK FREE from the invisible chains you keep on your body and your potential.


Ready...Set...Let's Go!