Why Detoxing the Liver is Essential for Hormone Health

You’ll hear time and time again that your body naturally detoxes, but when it’s plagued with toxins and processed foods, it’s not always that simple.

Especially when you’re dealing with symptoms like:

  • sluggishness
  • weight gain
  • headaches
  • wake ups at 3am
  • constantly feeling dehydrated or thirsty
  • dandruff

These symptoms are signs we must clean up the liver so it can do its job. When we detox the liver, we balance the hormones and when we balance the hormones we have:

  • normal periods
  • less extreme moods
  • clearer skin
  • less bloating, muffin tops, weight gain in tummy
  • more energy


One of the best ways to detoxify the liver is to drink teas that are specifically designed for balancing the hormones.  The following are herbs that you can use to detoxify your liver:


Dandelion Root


It is an extremely famous herb that is beneficial for your kidneys and liver. Dandelion is more than a weed. The roots of it come with affinity to the liver wherein the leaf of dandelion is suitable for kidneys. Dandelion root can help the liver and the gallbladder to work effectively which involve the production and secretion of the bile when needed for digestion. It helps the detoxification and digestion process.


Burdock Root

Burdock pairs well with dandelion, milk thistle and yellow dock for cleansing the liver and to clear the skin.  Burdock root is a diuretic, a bitter and an alternative. It means that like the dandelion root, the roots of burdock helps cleanse the blood, stimulate healthy digestion, and detoxification for keeping the hormones and health optimal.


Yellow Dock

Another root used for assisting the liver function and the detox process, the yellow dock is usually harvested from the month of August until October. This is the blood-cleansing alternative that makes it successful with skin tissues such as acne. It stimulates the liver and the gallbladder function which include the release and production of the fat digesting bile.



Cinnamon is a great herb for most hormonal and health problems. It is the fantastic and effective anti-nausea, antispasmodic, uterine anti-hemorrhagic and uterine stimulant. Cinnamon adds a gorgeous chai-like taste to detox tea while it serves a therapeutic purpose. The whole purpose of detox tea is to assist women with the estrogen domination support their hormones and liver so as to detoxify and metabolize estrogens properly.


Milk Thistle

It is among the most effective and safest herbs suitable for liver detoxification. Milk Thistle is used for supporting the liver’s health. It’s a tonic to your liver, assisting it for rebuilding and regenerating this crucial organ. It makes a great addition in a detox tea since it combines well with some other herbs and gives a regenerating and supportive action that a few liver herbs don’t.









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