I’m a Women’s Fitness Specialist and I just hired a trainer

What’s that? FEAR! Can you hear it?  Fear is knocking on my front door.  Tracking calories to make sure I’m receiving the right amount of fat, protein and carbs? TRACKING FOOD is a trigger for me.  I spent TOO long tracking calories and making sure I was getting the least amount as possible.  BUT it’s been almost 5 years since I struggled with food and I think it’s time to switch it up.

You read the headline right. I AM A WOMEN’S FITNESS SPECIALIST and YES, I HIRED A TRAINER!!

We are going to work together for four weeks.  Here’s my training schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7-8AM + once a week on my own for 4 weeks.

Tracking my nutrition + adjusting as needed.

My goals for hiring a trainer, this is what I told him.

  • I want to wear daisy dukes.

  • I want full ankle mobility.

  • I want to feel strong + toned.

  • I don’t want to lose any weight.

  • I am okay with gaining a few pounds as long as I can feel confident in my summer shorts.

He laughed.

I laughed.

And then I said, “But I’m serious.” He laughed again and replied, “I know.”

I’ll share my progress with you. Pics, measurements, food, fitness, everything.

4 week transformation here we come!!

I start next week.

Pray for me. Send me healing vibes. Send me strength to keep going when I want to quit. Send me a swift kick in the pants. Send me love. I’ll send it all right back.

Fit Girl Mind + Body,


Taking a Core Class at Crunch in Los Angeles

I took a few days off of my life in Seattle/Gig Harbor to explore the beautiful sunshine + high energy of Los Angeles.

People are free here.  People are happy.  The sun is bright + the air is warm.  The food is incredible and the place we ate breakfast at yesterday offered 3 types of gluten free bread.  I am in heaven.

We’ve wandered shops with colorful clothing that made me feel at home in a 2.5 hour plane ride from the place I hold my belongings, (not to mention my husband lives there too).  

My best friend knows how much I love to exercise so she took me to Crunch fitness last night.  We checked out at a 30 minute core class.  She told me about the yoga instructor dude who teaches it and said it’s a great workout with yoga breathing.

She failed to mention what the class looks like if he’s in a bad mood.

The music started. HIGH TEMPO.  He turned it up so loud I thought my ear drums would blow.  He motioned for us to stand up and started the class with (what felt like) 100 jumping jacks.  I was laughing so hard staring at Ash with a “I can’t believe you took me to this class” look.

After my heart thumped heavy in my chest and throw up threatened to fly all over the ground, he motioned again for us to drop down and perform what I can only describe as “cocaine core moves.”

This should make you laugh.

We were going at a tempo only alvin and the other chipmunks could keep up with.

Sweat started dripping from my brow and blinded my vision.  My neck tightened as my body was going faster than I’ve ever imagined.

You know when you can feel the instructor coming over to correct your posture?  I felt it.

And it happened. 

He came over and told me to bring my legs all the way to the ground, arms all the way back.  I could feel my stomach bursting with a 12 pack of abs and my mind listing the excuses to not listen.

Within lightning speed the class was over.

I looked at Ash with a “WTF” and we looked at each other with 50% joy and 50% I’m about to pass out.

This was my introduction to fitness classes in Los Angeles.

It’s time we step up our game Seattle.

Here’s the link to Crunch Fitness -nice job core dude. I’ll be back.