I lasted in corporate America for 14 months

I lasted in corporate America for 14 months






I find myself craving stability.

Desiring a community of people who ask me how my day is going and if I finished creating images for the next opt – in freebie.

I spent a total of 14 months in corporate America, receiving a paycheck every two weeks with full benefits and a 401K.

I had work friends who went out to happy hour, but I ALWAYS felt like the odd duck. I’d accept the invite, but always left early or made excuses as to why I wasn’t eating the nacho’s or buffalo wings.

The truth is: I didn’t want to eat unhealthy food.

The “up for anything girl” wasn’t there anymore.

When I realized I would never fit into the societal norm of having a 9-5 I grew scared of what people would think of me.

It was so hard to think about disappointing my traditional father who worked in the same industry and only two different companies for 40 years. Whenever I got a new job he always asked about benefits and 401K.

But when I gave Fearful to Fit 100%  commitment, my Dad said, “You’ve never fit into a corporate job and I can’t picture you doing anything else. And that’s so cool you have no overhead.”

Go figure.

I spent so much time worrying about not being the daughter I thought my parents wanted me to be, that I wasted time in jobs I hated.

Little did they know that their middle child would be a yoga teacher, interested in crystals and intuitive healing.

I surprised myself.

A teacher told me in high school to stop raising my hand because it was obvious I wouldn’t know the answer.

I was the girl guys harassed because of my womanly figure.

The girl who battled an eating disorder for a decade.


I never thought I’d be creating, planning, cooking, teaching and leading sold out retreats. Seriously #wtf

I continue this crazy up and down rollercoaster of entrepreneurship for women just like you, who think you can’t do it. For the women who think, “it’s too crazy of an idea to work for myself.” Every limiting belief you tell yourself, it’s just not true.

You think Beyonce ever said no at the beginning of her career?

In October, I’m leading my last women’s retreat for a while. Mama needs a break.

With Love, Hustle + Healing Vibes,

J Muenz

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