Hey Lady Friend,


Imagine you're standing in on a white sandy beach, while sipping from a coconut and marveling at the see through blue water. Suddenly, you can't help but flex because you have to check out that tricep muscle...just one more time.

Dayuuummmmm. You've been putting in the work girlfriend --- you've totally earned that fit body and rock 'dem feminine curves.

And as you see other sculpted bodies strutting by, you don't even feel that old twinge of comparison and envy because you've come to a solid place of loving the skin you're in down to every cell. Every dimple. Every perfectly imperfect morsel.

You're not worried about perfection–because you ditched the extremist mentality months ago. You're thoroughly enjoying your ideal body and thriving off the confidence you now have to move through your life in a powerful way.

So much less self doubt and the need to be reminded of how worthy and beautiful you are. No more judgement. No more emotional baggage weighing you down from ex - so and so.

Imagine what other new possibilities come from this state of being--- firey romance, deeper relationships, closer friendships, exciting career opportunities and a true understanding of what fills the space that used to feel empty.

Are you?

  • Still stuck in the 1990’s calorie-counting trap or staying up to date with the latest diet trend (keto, vegan, raw, paleo, bulletproof, ww, jenny craig, shall I go on?)
  • Stuck in the “trying” to be fit and healthy versus “being and loving your way there?”
  • Trying to break through a plateau, wondering why you keep ending up at the same place?
  • Afraid of disappointing friends and family because you’re not living up to their expectations, let alone your own?
  • Subconsciously holding onto a layer of fat for protection, because you haven't yet healed from the past?
  • Caught in an emotional eating rollercoaster (and don’t know how to get off or figure out how you even got there?)
  • Isolating from friends and social situations when you’re not at your ideal weight.
  • Suffering from that heavy elephant on your chest that keeps you from fulfilling your purpose (anxiety).
  • Tired of trying to “fix” yourself over and over, wishing you could pinpoint the REAL issue and not take the next 3 years to do it...


About J Muenz, Coach at Fearful to Fit

Hi, my name is J Muenz

(yes, pronounced like the men’s room).

I’m the creator of Fearful to Fit™, a lover of healthy hot chocolate, hip-hop, pigeon pose, wearing my robe all day and most of all, empowering you to ditch the extremist mentality, the self-loathing, harsh judgement and finally release the 10 to 15 pounds that are keeping you from fulfilling your life purpose.

I’m also a Detox Specialist, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Women’s Fitness Specialist, Yoga + Barre Instructor, Writer + Retreat Leader.

Break Free 6 Month Master Mind with J Muenz | Fearful to Fit | Before & After Transformation

But I wasn't always this weight loss success story

In 2009, I gave up.  After battling with food for a decade, I stopped battling and started eating everything.  No more limits. No more restrictions. I went wild for a few months and didn’t realize how sugar addicted I was until I wrote down everything I ate for 3 days. Seeing what I was doing to myself gave me anxiety life a mofo. I forgot how to breathe and used my yoga teaching experience to release the guilt of how much weight I’d gained. I gave myself 3 months to detox from sugar, gluten and dairy, which resulted in a 25-pound weight loss. I discovered food allergies along the way, removed them from my diet and watched my belly go from bloated to flat within two weeks. Waking up to slide on jeans and button them easily is quite a change from the usual “jean hop + suck in” dance.

I want that for you so badly that I'm willing to dedicate my time, my focus and my heart on getting you results.  A fit, healthy and purposeful life can be yours too! And that is why I created the From Fearful to Fit™ Program™!

This program is for women who:

  • Want to lose 5-15 pounds within 6 weeks.
  • Want to learn to make healthier comfort food for a beautiful body + sane mind (so you don’t get bored of healthy eating).
  • Want to wake up with energy to work out, build a career and develop deep relationships.
  • Release fear-based decisions and general anxiety that keeps you indoors, isolated, living behind a computer screen instead of living your incredible life.

"Working with J was such a great experience! I accomplished a lot: down 17 pounds, I didn't measure myself and really wish I had because I'm down 1 possibly 2 pants sizes and no longer dealing with acid reflux issues. I've learned to listen to my body and what it needs and to be easier on myself and not let others drag me down. Also, I've really improved my cooking skills and I'm now always looking for ways to experiment and challenge myself in the kitchen. J gave me all the tips and tricks I needed to be successful, I'm really grateful for the physical and mental breakthroughs and ready to continue my journey beyond the time we worked together."

-Samantha Schneider

“After seeing a handful of doctors for recent health issues and was provided with no answers I sought out J. I was “diagnosed” by doctors that I had “chronic hives” and that I needed to learn to live with it. I was not only physically drained but also mentally exhausted. J helped me pin point underlying health concerns and what I appreciated most- she kept it real. She understands that you don’t have to take extremes and that you need to live life- enjoy things that make you happy (wine, and chocolate in particular!). It’s all in moderation and balance. I not only received great coaching and support but also built a friendship. I lost a total of 18 pounds by clean eating, exercising, and taking time for myself… but it wouldn’t be possible without her inspiration. I remind myself that a number [on the scale] is just a number, it’s the lifestyle that J has helped me create that is most valued.” 

– Jess B.

"J’s a natural! You will have fun. You will feel great. Also, as a side note: I love that if I have a question about anything - whether it’s food rec’s or diet tips, or questions about a workout, I can always just shoot her an email and she’ll respond! Talk about a lifesaver!”



This program’s foundation is the Fearful to Fit Formula™

  • Head—Clear the beliefs that are keeping the layer of protection on your body.
  • Heart—Pump life into your cells and soul, so you can create the change from the inside out.
  • Soul & Sisterhood:  Create a community of women who empower each other to take a stand for the body, and happy lifestyle they deserve.

Here is what we’ll cover in the Fearful to Fit Program™:

∆ Step One:  Clearing the Past and Re-Setting your Future

  • Learn about your past with food—What’s your food story?
  • Identify your goals for working together.

∆ Step Two:  Create your New Pathway to Vibrant Health and Fit Body

  • Review your food journal. Let's get real.
  • Plan the route based on your specific goals for the next sessions together

∆ Step Three:  Customize your Fearful to Fit™ Lifestyle Guide—the one you’ll stick to!

  • I’ll recommend the best eats and drinks specifically for your unique goals.
  • Map out your dream body — to get you toned in all the right places IN SIX WEEKS

∆ Step Four:  Get your body tight + digestion right

  • Positive mindset, breathing + guided meditation session to release worries + reduce anxiety
  • Let's talk about digestion and how we can get things movin' and groovin'

∆ Step Five:  Sugar, Carbs and Filling “The Hole.”

  • Cultivating a happier life by bringing together food, exercise + a belief system
  • How to dig deep and find your WHY without filling emptiness with cravings

∆ Step Six:  Celebrate Your Results!

  • Measure your success, celebrate the inches melted and anchor your new belief systems.
  • Graduation day – you’ve made it through 6 weeks with me
  • True transformation from Fearful to Fit™


In this 6 week personalized program, you will receive:

6 private sessions via Zoom with me
Email support and accountability to reach your six week goal
Personalized Session notes within 48 hours post session
High Accountability for your weight loss goals and mindset shifts


"I feel much happier since I’ve been seeing you for 4 weeks. I am eating more snacks and even showed my family some yoga moves we did during our session. I am standing up for myself and with your coaching, realized that I create my own happiness." Lauren C.

“This helps so much! I am killing it already lol!! You were right I was already 4 lbs in the morning (after 1 week) and I can’t wait to weigh myself tomorrow! Wow I can’t believe I just said that! I have been so healthy and I feel great! Thank you for the food tips it really helps. So much of that I would not have thought of especially the snack tips! I am drinking nothing but water, tea and only had one cup of drip coffee this morning with my coconut milk in it! I had a quest bar for a snack today and some lean meat and breakfast I had a thrive shake which is all vitamins and for dinner sweet potatoes and zucchini and homemade turkey meat balls with onions in them! Also I made my own marinara sauce to go over the meatballs so I could control the sugar and ingredients in it!! Thank you again! You are my lifesaver!
– Rosie R.

Is this what’s standing in your way of investing in YOU?

  • “But I’ve tried everything before, why is this program any different?”
  • “I’ve lost 20 pounds before, I know how to do it, I just don't have the motivation.”
  • “I know what workouts work best for my body, why is your program any different?
  • “I’m so low that I can’t imagine this program helping at all.”
  • “I need a new job before I start anything else.”
  • “I’ve already spent so much money on trying to lose weight, I don’t want to spend anymore without knowing this will work.”
  • “I don’t want to call, I’m too talk about my problems with food - it's the only thing I can control.”

Jenna lost 24 pounds, watch the interview here

Listen Ladies...

Relief is here and there IS a better way. You don’t have to sit out on the sidelines of your life.  Please don’t spend the next 5 years jumping from diet to diet, do it right the first time in six weeks.  If you promise to put in the work and trust in the process, you will succeed.

You could spend the next decade searching for your dream career, your dream relationship and your dream weight, or you could work with me for a little over a month and have all that figured out by the time we are done working together.

  • How long are you going to wait for the life and body that you want?
  • How many mornings will you wake up wishing for something better?
  • How many times will you have the same “if only I could wear that and look good” thoughts circling in your head?

Watch Marissa talk about her results here!

Watch Kristin talk about her results here!


If you want to get your dreams turned into a reality then act now.  I’m waiting for you on the other end – now get that booty into gear and let’s WORK!

Look, I’ve been there.  Stuckville. In the land of “What should I do next?  How do I really know if this is right for me?”

I’ve gained weight before + freaked out.  I let fear guide me.

I stayed in relationships I should’ve left.

I stayed at jobs that made me hate waking up.

Then something amazing happened, 6 years ago I learned about the relationship between emotions and food.

I quit my unfulfilling job + unhealthy relationships and went to school to figure out how to heal from the inside out.

Think of me as your inner guide, a positive Polly if you may, and trust that if you promise to do the work, complete the homework and fully engage during our time together, imagine what life will be like.

Imagine what life will be like if nothing changes?  You choose.


To your Fearful to Fit™ Body and Life,

P.S. If not now, then when?

“There are some moves you make in life that you know instantly were the tipping point for major positive change, and getting J of Fearful to Fit on board as my health coach was one of those moves. In an effort to start the New Year off right, I decided I deserved to get in the best shape of my life and emailed J for a full health coaching session. Unfortunately, I’d had several past failed attempts at finding a health coach that really took my health goals seriously; it’s fair to say that I’d met ones that frankly didn’t hold themselves accountable to what they promised to deliver. I met J in a fitness class and loved the positive, friendly and genuine vibe she has. After only a few health coaching sessions, I can sincerely say that J meets you where you’re at in an upbeat and motivating way, shows up in body and spirit for your program (whether in person or email) and genuinely cares. Her program is personalized and it’s clear she’s got a knack for knowing what’s going to keep you going. I always feel like she’s in my corner and rooting for me to meet all of my goals, health and otherwise! Definitely a must to work with J.” – Maria Escobar

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