we're fully booked.

Break Free Retreat: Fall 2018

October 12-14 in Suncadia, WA

If you’re a woman on the verge of breaking free from invisible barriers you’ve placed around yourself and you're ready to shatter the cycle of keeping yourself small, then this is for you.

Hey Sister,

Imagine stepping into a powerful inner circle of women who are letting down their hair (and their defenses) to allow their most fierce, f'in fabulous selves to emerge.

During this high - vibe experience, you're shattering the beliefs about yourself that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from having everything you desire --- the dream career, a rockin' bod', enriching friendships and relationships you adore.

This is all happening, with the insane view of the Cascade Mountains showing you just how expansive you can be.

The Break Free Retreat includes everything you desire for a clear mind and activation of the most bad ass version of yourself. You'll witness your thoughts transforming from fearful and anxious to fierce and f’ing fabulous in less than three days.

What's possible?

  • YOU walking away with an f'ing empowered bad - ass mindset (without all the second-guessing yourself).
  • YOU having NEW enriching friendships with other fierce women on a mission.
  • YOU feeling total gratitude for everything you offer and everything you are.
  • YOU having had the biggest SOUL SHAKE - UP and breaking free as the unapologetic, take-no-shit, Sasha Fierce you've always been inside!
  • YOU with total clarity and massive confidence on your next steps for Career Bliss and life purpose.
  • YOU knowing your body is your best friend, biggest access to intuition and bravest act to self-love.

Suncadia, Washington...

We chose this luxurious lodge in Suncadia because of the master suites and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ridges. Our residence is 6,280 square feet. Pamper yourself in 300 thread count pristine bedding, miles of biking trails and a soaking tub, this lodge is the ultimate location for your breakthrough.

It's less than 90 minutes from Seattle.  Suncadia is just a hop over the pass. You can even kick off your weekend early and come enjoy the Suncadia Resort and Lodge and Spa, before our retreat begins.

Your Weekend Tastes...

My team and I will be spoiling you with my most coveted anti-inflammatory and healing recipes. You’ll be enjoying savory and satisfying organic fall foods with your sisters, dancing around the table in your top knots and yoga pants.

We'll be nourishing all your cells with a steady flow freshly made juices! Say goodbye to chips and salsa bloat and hello to the Halloween Vixen outfits!

When you arrive on Friday, you’ll be greeted by delicious hors-d’oeuvres and your VIP gift bag.

Then we’ll unwind with an evening yoga class that'll leave you feeling open and ready for the weekend's transformation. Afterwards, we’ll dine together and laugh off the awkwardness of getting each other's names down. Enjoy an uninterrupted night of sleep or jump in the hot tub.

Wake to your energizing juice, move in a heart-pumping dance class and talk it up with your new bestie's over breakfast.

Take a walk outside and explore the beauty around you. Don’t wander too far or else you’ll miss the Break Free workshop. This experience will blow your mind and allow you to release fears, anxiety and limitations that constantly keep you stuck and small.

The day will continue with fabulous foods, heart opening exercises and sweat inducing classes (you'll be grinning from ear to ear when you see what I have planned for you).



Saturday night, I'm bringing in a boss lady from Los Angeles to show you how to laugh off your limitations and stop taking yourself so seriously (so you can focus on what really matters in your life).

When you wake up refreshed on Sunday, you'll be ready to make the final release of all your bullshit doubts and anxieties and step into the real version of you - who's kicking ass in life, making her dreams happen and ditching the comparison game in exchange for loving who she is.

The Results...

This retreat is going to SHAKE UP your soul. You're going to stop second guessing your every f-ing move and trust that you GOT this woman.

You're going to see yourself, your purpose and your body clearly - and totally love it!

You're going to explode any doubts about what you're here to conquer in life and who you're meant to be.

You'll know your exact next steps as you approach the end of 2018 and step into 2019 as a Fired Up Woman.

The women I work with are:

  • DONE packing on the pounds and DONE hiding. No more. Not for ANYBODY.
  • So sick and tired of eating their feelings because they don’t know how to go through them.
  • Fed up with every diet and feeling like a failure because you can’t stick to 10 calories per day.
  • Ready to release the body + limiting patterns that keep you in disguise from your true fabulous self.
  • No longer feeling lost – you know that today is just the beginning.
  • You also know that in order to get the life you want, you have to work for it. That’s why you stopped buying the packaged diet food, you don’t know what’s in it and if you can’t prepare it yourself, you know it’s temporary.

What’s included?

  • 3 days + 2 nights luxurious accommodations at the lodge in Suncadia
  • 5 expertly planned meals, daily juice + holiday desserts
  • 3 days of barrier breaking workshops – fear has no place here
  • 3 fitness classes that'll leave you sweaty + empowered
  • Time to explore the beautiful city of Suncadia
  • Break Free taught by me, J Muenz
  • Fusion Dance Flow taught by Rachel Chloe Uttech
  • Shattering the Glass Ceiling taught by Ashleigh Hairston


  • A VIP gift bag {$100+ value}
  • Break Free Workbook {$225+ value}

What's Not Included?

  • Transportation
  • Gratuity
  • Alcohol (alcohol free weekend)
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

J Muenz is the Founder + CEO of Fearful to Fit. She's also Seattle's top Detox Specialist and Holistic Health Coach for Women. J has taught yoga + barre since 2011, led sold out retreats and certified as a Women's Fitness Specialist a few years ago. She is eager to witness your transformation from a fatigued woman to a glowing goddess. You could say before and afters are her favorite things to witness, besides her 16-month-old son and firefighter husband.

Meet your Speakers!


Ashleigh is an actor, writer and improviser from Seattle, WA! She received a BA in Theatre Arts from Howard University in Washington DC and now lives in Los Angeles where she regularly performs at the renowned UCB Theatre on Maude Night with her team The New Deal. She is the voice of “Bask” in Marvel’s Avengers Assemble: Black Panther’s Quest and the wild-eyed kid scientist “Wren” in Craig of the Creek. She has appeared in 13 national commercials and has traveled to Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco and Hawaii to perform and teach improv. In 2018 Ashleigh appeared in the acclaimed CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase as a writer and performer. Her recent TV credits include Modern Family (ABC), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW), and Comedy Bang! Bang! (IFC). She can’t wait to teach her signature workshop, “Shattering the Glass Ceiling” at the Break Free Retreat this Fall.


From an early age, Rachel Chloé Uttech felt the fire that music and dance lit inside her. After graduating high school, she was invited to join Breaking Point Dance Company and trained under the direction of Wade Sugiyama & Anna Matuszewski (for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis), performing all over the US and Canada. Highlights include an appearance on NBC's "Showtime at the Apollo" and the World Hip Hop Championships. After earning her B.A. from the University of Washington, she relocated to Spain, still performing and teaching hip hop, but with her eyes set on a new style to master: Salsa. In 2012, Rachel moved back to Seattle and started Explosive Elegance, her own fusion dance company specializing in Latin, hip hop and contemporary styles. She’s going to teach you how to let loose in order to BREAK FREE!

Dear Soul Sister,

If you've been waiting for a message from the universe, this is it! You are here to release any tension you hold in your body. You are here to let your bright light shine! On my retreats, I've watched women go from timid, shy and overworked and happy, carefree and uplifted by the time they drive away. I want that for you. I want you to feel like the powerful, strong and feminine woman you are, not the woman society wants you to be. Find your inner wisdom, connect to your intuition and witness the magic of sisterhood.

I am in your corner. I am rooting for you. Do not spend one more minute thinking you are not worth it.

Sisterly Love,

J Muenz
CEO + Founder Fearful to Fit


we're fully booked.

Bedroom 1 - 1 King $897 each for two or $1,301 single BOOKED
Bedroom 2 - 1 King $897 each for two or $1,301 single BOOKED
Bedroom 3 -1 Queen  $825 each for two or $1,275 single BOOKED

Bedroom 4 - 1 Queen  $825 each for two or $1,275 single BOOKED
Bedroom 5 - 1 King $897 each for two or $1,300 single BOOKED
Bedroom 6 - 1 King $897 each for two or $1,300 singleBOOKED
Bedroom 7 – 6 Twin/Queen Bunk $720 each BOOKED

we're fully booked.

Is this really your last women only retreat?

I've decided to take some time off from women only retreats but it's not my last one EVER, just for right now.

Will there be alcohol?

Fearful to Fit doesn't provide alcohol but if you want to go wine tasting or grab a glass during break, go for it!

What kind of food do you serve?

We serve organic, gluten + dairy free. All food allergies taken into consideration.