Once again, what I thought I’d accomplish was much farther off and I blame LACK OF SLEEP and little man running a temp, which means one thing… he only wants Mama.

Which I secretly love more than anything because he’s already a sweetheart super cuddly love bunny, but when he’s sick he sits still and looks into my eyes and it’s the sweetest!

It’s hard to leave… so I didn’t.

Instead of walking, we went for a family bike ride. Thought some fresh air would be healing and it was at least for a while.

I LOVE BIKE RIDES. Always have. Always will.

What I ate:

  • 1 serving of hot cacao from Retreat Drinks
  • 2 pieces of bacon, scrambled eggs and sweet potatoes with pancetta at home
  • beet juice from Gather Co.
  • mini macro bar
  • lemon, ginger, apple juice from Gather Co.
  • homemade smoothie bowl: base: coconut milk, banana and frozen blueberries, blend. Add blueberries, Purely Elizabeth Granola with drizzle of raw honey
  • some of charcuterie tray: Mary’s Gone Crackers, Goat cheese (rare eat), salami, kalamata olives
  • tons of water
we had a buddy come over, so charcuterie plate was made!

Stopped eating at 6:45pm.

Even though this is only day 3, it’s really making me think about what I’m eating and realize how much I need to get to the grocery store.

I also wasn’t that hungry today, more thirsty than anything… hence the juices, cacao and smoothie bowl.

I am way more hungry on days I’m burning lots of calories, but on a family bike ride day, a sick toddler and a mama who got probably 3 hours of sleep last night, this was the best I could do and that’s perfect for me.

My week’s about to pick up again with work and exercise because I scheduled 4 barre classes this week and if the Bodester is feeling better, he’ll want to go on a walk with me.

Weight today: 128

Weight yesterday: 127.2

Weight when I started: 130

See the subtle shifts? Hormonal weight gain and loss within the ounces? I usually weigh 125, but give myself 2 pound up and down grace.

I was the leanest, most illest lady love at 124 with muscle definition and felt like a million bucks and I just don’t feel that at 130. If I did, the number wouldn’t bother me. I’ve found that once I’m in the 130’s, my legs rub together and it bothers me.

Like I wrote in my calendar, “You can Love Your Body and Have Goals for It.”

Could still improve:

  • water intake
  • step count
  • sleep

I’ll also focus on adding in more protein, healthy fats and veggies. Every day is different for me. Almost no day is the same. Some days I want eggs. Some days they smell disgusting and I won’t eat any for months. Some months I juice every single day, then I’ll go a week without one. Sometimes I want a smoothie every day for breakfast, then I don’t want them anymore and I’ll go on a smoothie hiatus.

Mindful and intentional eating doesn’t require a plan, you allow your body to guide you.

Lovin’ Life,

J Muenz
Gift Activator, Fearful to Fit

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