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Wise words from a typical coach, like you, who didn’t do automation until the 7th year of her business and never did FB ads either. She talked about how to not get stuck in a niche and how she changed and evolved over the years. From marriage to baby in the carriage –– she reveals how she tailored her weight loss and sugar messages to grow with her niche during her journey. Her message changed as she evolved. She went from 0 to 6 figures using the secrets she shares in this episode! Learn how to evolve and make money too!


How Cheryl lost 16 pounds and decided fear wasn’t going to hold her back

Meet Cheryl:  In this week’s How SHE did it interview, we have Cheryl Ross, a world class dog trainer who lost 16 pounds in less than 90 days and continued losing even more weight post graduating!

Cheryl used the Fearful to Fit program to not only lose the weight, she also reframed time in the kitchen as meditation versus reaching for the quick grab n’ go’s.

So How Did SHE Do It?

The Challenge:  

Cheryl tried losing weight on ALL THE DIETS, had success and once they were over, went right back to eating in a way that was comfortable. The weight crept back on and she was at a loss. She hated being in the kitchen, her work schedule was back to back and she had no extra time to shop n’ chop produce.

She also didn’t how to to wear anything other than work clothes and since she works with dogs all day, you can imagine she’s usually in a t – shirt and pants she can get dirty in. She wanted to spruce it up, but wanted to wait until she lost some weight before she started changing how she was dressing.

The Solution:  

You’ll watch Cheryl say on the video below that she wasn’t sure at the beginning of our call how it would go. She may have even mentioned, “scam!” She said during the call she started to soften and when she tried to get out of moving forward, I said, “Cheryl, don’t make fear the decision maker.” It was the start of multiple life changes throughout our time together.

We created a solution for what to eat based on what she already liked to eat and focused on eating real food that was quick n’ easy. I also challenged her to attack a few foods she wasn’t familiar with and she ended up liking them.

Her weight loss inspired a personal stylist consultation that this 30 year old felt excited about! Yes! She can rock the stylish outfits that also work for being in the barn all day.

The Results:  

Cheryl lost 16 pounds, learned how to feel good in her body based on her new-found and very strong intuition and realized how eating healthy affects who she is as a person.

HER future:

As a Fearful to Fit Graduate, she’s continuing to lose weight at a pace that works for her, she’s even set a new goal! She’s about to finish up a life coaching certification program and is creating new programs within her dog training business.

It’s time to Activate Your Gifts + Experience your Own Fearful to Fit Transformation,

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Watch Cheryl describe her experience with the Fearful to Fit program:


It happens instantly.

You’re scootin’ along, everything is fine and out of nowhere… someone says or does something that triggers you.

It’s like a wave of shock.

You might explode in an instant, saying things you don’t mean.

Or you go the sarcastic joke route that clearly indicates what the person is doing or saying is not okay with you.
Better yet you retreat, stay silent and slowly back away.


Who is triggering/hurting you?

* Is it a stranger that you can write off as nuts?

* Is it a family member who you’re close to who shocks you with their behavior and betrays your trust?

* Is it a friend who does something out of character or is their character but you don’t know them well?


Something they are doing/saying could be triggering a past trauma.

Or the fear can be from watching a movie/reading the news/hearing from someone that you should be scared about something.



hmmmmm….. interesting right?

Before you’re about to do something “scary/new” the butterflies appear.

…you’re walking down the aisle.

… you’re about to give a speech.

… you’re going on stage.

… you’re in the dressing room trying on a smaller size because you hit your goal weight!

What if you could reprogram your brain into believing that the thing you’re scared of is actually the thing that excites you the most?

It. Is. Possible.

Changing the way your brain processes things is no easy feat.

I took a happiness life coaching certification that described how the brain waves move when developing a new habit and how the brain doesn’t like new things and tries to keep you doing the same thing to keep you safe.

Here’s where it gets tricky…

You decide to stay the same.

You + your brain are like, “we are good where we’re at and doing that thing over there is scary, so let’s stay safe here.”

Or you could have a convo with that beautiful head of yours and reassure her that what’s about to happen is going to make her even bigger and brighter.

You choose:

Stay where you’re at despite being unhappy.

Stay where you’re at because your comfy

Pretend you’re making tons of cash on FB (we can smell it.

Or do this…

Activate Your Gifts that are already there, the ones you know you have but haven’t taken to the upteenth power…

You could welcome consistent $10K months into your bank account.

You could find passion in your purpose because your job is boring and there’s a piece of you that’s like, “fuck it, I only live once.”

You could decide to upset people and be someone different, not the person you’re trying to be to impress someone.

You could stop getting so derailed by the bright and shiny objects and focus on ONE THING.

Whatever you choose…. 

Don’t be fooled by the “MAKE 10K THIS MONTH without doing shit” people.

Or the “lose 20 pounds in one month and it’ll never come back,” just look at the billion dollar dieting industry. It exists because people don’t know how to do it right the first time.

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