The Collagen Beauty Boost Cocktail

I’m ALWAYS switching up my morning routine, AFTER I’ve stayed with it for at least a month. I see how I feel. Sometimes when I use Keto Collagen, I just do not feel good. I feel airy. Flighty. Like I’ve transported myself into Ketosis. It’s probably not happening, BUT I pay attention.

Other days, I’m in heaven with my Keto Collagen. Feeling like a million bucks as I fuel up with protein, while building stronger nails, hair, teeth and skin.

When it’s freezing out, I need some hot cocoa, so I make that and drink it like it’s the BEST drink on this planet. Delicious, creamy, frothy, smooth cocoa. Nothing is better than chocolate.

So, here are my two favorite easy to make drinks that fill up your soul, along with boost your skin glow. They are not meal replacements and are no substitute for real greens and fresh veggie juices.


  • 1 scoop Perfect Keto Chocolate Collagen
  • 1-2 cups dairy free milk (1 can organic Trader Joe’s coconut milk + 3 cans water. Blend on high 1 minute. That’s it)
  • Few shakes Cinnamon
  • 1 small spoonful honey or omit


  • 1 – 2 tbsp Raw Cacao Powder
  • 1-2 cups dairy free milk (1 can organic Trader Joe’s coconut milk + 3 cans water. Blend on high 1 minute. That’s it)
  • Few shakes Cinnamon
  • 1 small spoonful honey or omit

If you like these super basic, delicious, easy to make drinks, you’ll love working with me. I create recipes that you can enjoy within minutes.

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here’s what would’ve been a game changer early on in my life

Oh my god, I’m dying of laughter in the Fearful to Fit headquarters…

You guys don’t even know the amount of jobs I had before I found my calling.

Whenever I had an event to work, my parents got a kick out of asking, “So, J, what are you doing THIS weekend?

Every month was different for 8 years…

I managed a 3 week promotion with Ghirardhelli. I worked for Warner Brothers as an actress at Comic Con in Seattle. I’ve traveled nationwide as a Tradeshow Model for a software system for eyecare (wtf). I worked as an Assistant to a big time Yoga Agent, traveled with her to San Francisco for a Yoga Journal conference and met the most well known instructors in the country. Then Quest Nutrition hired me to rep their nutrition bars at a different Yoga Journal conference in Marina Del Ray and I happily boarded that plane to the city of sunshine.

Girlfriend, I’ve attended every kind of convention you could imagine…from doctors, optometrists, gamers, gamblers, software to fitness competitions, literally everything, you name it, I’ve done it.

Don’t forget I was in medical sales, killin’ it, until it started killing me.

I loved the money, not the job and I can’t spend more than a day doing something I don’t love.

Sure, there’s things in my biz I could live without, but I love coaching, so I create positive energy around even the things I don’t particularly love.

But, here’s what would’ve been a game changer early on…


I had no one.

I had to make my own way and I believe that if I had a mentor 7 years ago when I started out, I could’ve saved thousands of dollars and days scratching my head wondering what to do next.

I have a feeling that if you’re like me, you have a bucket list filled with 100’s of things you want to accomplish and you already feeling like you’re running out of time.

Please promise me this, j…

Don’t spend too much time on your own trying to figure it out.

You’re not supposed too.

Find someone who is doing what you love and hire them immediately.

Maybe you don’t want to be a health coach, but you want to successfully lose 20 pounds without supplements, pills and powders.

Maybe you want to start a biz and aren’t sure what to do first, go find the person that has a successful biz who you’ve seen and thought, “I wish I had as much confidence and passion in my life as her.

There are few things I know with every cell of my body.

We aren’t meant to do it alone.


Our biz.

Our health challenges.

We’re meant to work with someone to get solutions, results and the life we want!!!

I’m inviting you to the biggest event of the year.

Not only will you be surrounded by women who will bring out the lioness from within, you’ll also be loved on by women who WANT you to be happy and successful in every area of your life.

The last four retreats sold out and we’re filling spots for this one FAST, this is going to be a weekend that will change your life.

It will change the course for your future.

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most people stop right before they hit it big

You hear it all the time, right?

Like Chrissy Metz, from This Is Us. She had 70 cents left in her bank account when she auditioned for her starring role and SHE GOT THE JOB!

Most people hit it big years and years after they put in the work, the time, the sacrifice.

I don’t like reading about the one year wonders…”In the first 90 days of my business, I hit $1 million dollars.” It’s so discouraging and I’d bet my right foot it’s not true.

As I was planning out the next 90 days of my biz, I started thinking about a time in college when I was going to teach a dance class.

I was so scared.

I took this Cardio Groove dance class twice a week for almost two years before the instructor suggested I start teaching it.

First of all, she was like an expert dancer in my eyes, so the fact that she thought I could fill her shoes left my jaw dropped to the floor.

I didn’t think twice about accepting. HELL YA. I got to work.

I started practicing and teaching my friends, which ended in hysterical laughter because how the hell do you 8 – count?

My background was in gymnastics and cheer and it always took me three times as long to learn dances with counts, than 90% of the team.

But I accepted the challenge….kind of…

The day before my audition, I went out (I was in college).

Not the smartest thing to do.

I drank too much and ended up breaking my ankle and foot.

Easy excuse – no audition.

I think the broken foot thing happened because of fear.

I was so freakin’ scared about auditioning and subconsciously I was trying to get out of it, so I ended up “getting out of it.”

Definitely would’ve been easier to say, I’m not ready. But that’s not my style, so instead I had to break my foot.

I’ll never know what could’ve happened had I not gone out, had I practiced until I was confident I could do it, had I told her I needed more time or more guidance to teach the class while counting, etc. etc. etc.

Here’s what I do know…

We never know how anything is going to turn out unless we do it.

Unless we take off the life jacket and fuckin’ sink or swim.

Little secret…

No one sinks.

We might tread water or go in a little too deep, but we breast stroke to the other side. Sure, with some panting and wheezing but WE MAKE IT.


If you’re reading this, You possess those qualities, J?


We never really know, do we J? Unless we try.

So stop wasting your damn time and shatter your doubts in the Break Free Mastermind and learn how to shine on the Activate Your Gifts Retreat.

There is a place where you fit in. TRUST. Don’t do the ‘maybe’ thing, do the “I WAS READY YESTERDAY AND I’M JUST GOING TO DO IT.”

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I’ll be here, J. I see your bright ass future and you talkin’ about every great thing that happened to you in year 2019. Do you?
“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” – Jordan Belfort