Why I named my podcast, “In My Sweats”


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So, you might be wondering why I named my podcast, “In My Sweats.”


I worked with my podcast coach on the title and found myself trying to be someone I wasn’t. My initial idea was to name it FIERCE. But it felt too domineering for my style and WAY TOO in your face.


Then I wanted to name it, NO SMALL TALK. But felt like that was weird and sad.


For a little while I liked, “I CAN’T FAKE LAUGH,” which is true, but what the hell does that show offer? Nothing. I felt like I could hear a needle drop.


They were all trying too hard to be clever and I could see right through my own bullshit. When I looked deep within and cleared away all the crap, I imagined myself in my basement working in my sweats.


I like people to feel comfortable.


I have 5,000+ pairs of sweats (okay, more like 10), but still…


I wanted to interview people who didn’t have to get ready before we talk, because ya, I might be interviewing someone, but really we’re just having a conversation about life.


This is my first creative leap for literally THE HELL OF IT. There I said it. This podcast’s only intention was to invite people to feel at home while they listen. Maybe nod your head or exclaim, “ME TOO,” while driving. I wanted to talk to Mama’s who didn’t have the picture perfect birth and took the road less traveled. I wanted to talk to real people who share the good, the bad and the wtf.


I really want you to listen and see if you can feel at home with us, so if you wouldn’t mind…hit that subscribe button and if you feel it deserves 5 stars, LAY IT ON ME.


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When you consume sugar, you live a rollercoaster life

I know…

Blanket statement, right?

From my experience, both personally + professionally, it’s true. When you consume sugar, you’re more likely to be in rollercoaster relationships and emotions.

What would happen if you removed sugar from your life?

  • Imagine feeling satiated the whole day, so you’re not reaching for sugar when it’s 3pm and sugary treats don’t even sound good anymore.
  • Imagine being in a romantic relationship that is stable and doesn’t have extreme highs and lows.
  • Imagine waking up feeling rested, knowing your body is satiated on a nutrient level.

This is what happens when you stop eating candy, cookies, sugary beverages, sugary salad dressings, sugar hides in everything!

Listen, I didn’t eat a piece of fruit for 7 years because I was so scared to eat SUGAR. In 2009, I returned home from spending 8 months in SE Asia where I contracted parasites.

I stopped eating sugar cold turkey.

Some of my private clients have had parasites, SIBO, Leaky Gut, IBS, etc. but have not eliminated sugar. This is where I suggest starting: I want you to spend 14 days without sugar.

Some clients have NEVER had gut issues or food allergies, but experience headaches, bloating and fatigue – these women also feel unfulfilled in their romantic relationships, the ups and the downs.

I was someone who LOVED sugar…nothing was rich or sweet enough. That is definitely not the case anymore.

I was also addicted to relationships that were explosive and passion – filled.

While crushing the sugar, I also had out of control ADD – I went from a 2.5 GPA to a 4.0 when I started ADD meds.

I wanted off after 4 years of taking, so I got off but didn’t know how to holistically help my symptoms, removing sugar was MASSIVELY healing.

So, if you need any other reason to say ta ta to sugar, read more here.

How to Protect Your Positive Energy


If you’re anything like me, you can walk into a room and feel totally welcome and happy or like the ability to speak no longer exists within you.

All. My. Life. I’ve been told I’m a chameleon, I can fit into any group, get along with just about anyone and tone it down or pump it up.

But on the rare occasion, I’m rendered speechless.

When this happens, I’m usually around someone I:

A. Don’t trust.
B. Know isn’t interested in a thing I bring to the table, verbally and like, actually bring to a table.
C. Have a bad vibe from.

So, I say really weird things or start talking in an accent or say a joke that works on 99% of people, but always falls flat with the negative viber.

I can count on one hand the people I don’t get along with and the people who I don’t share my entire self with and never will.

I was once naive and trusting.

But experience has taught me to remember how people make you feel in your body.

Not just the things they say, but what actually happens in your belly.

Are you always crossing your arms when talking with them? Maybe you’re using that as a way to protect yourself, “don’t come any closer.”

Do you back up a little when they come towards you? That could be a natural way to keep their negative energy out of your bubble.

Have you tried to mend things, but no matter what it comes back to a feeling? Trust it.

Save your energy, your beautiful soul and your dazzling personality for the people who give it back!

There’s a reason these people are called ENERGY VAMPIRES.

Every story is negative.
There’s always some drama.
Nothing is ever good enough.

Run, don’t walk to the nearest exit. I’ll meet you there.