How to Protect Your Positive Energy


If you’re anything like me, you can walk into a room and feel totally welcome and happy or like the ability to speak no longer exists within you.

All. My. Life. I’ve been told I’m a chameleon, I can fit into any group, get along with just about anyone and tone it down or pump it up.

But on the rare occasion, I’m rendered speechless.

When this happens, I’m usually around someone I:

A. Don’t trust.
B. Know isn’t interested in a thing I bring to the table, verbally and like, actually bring to a table.
C. Have a bad vibe from.

So, I say really weird things or start talking in an accent or say a joke that works on 99% of people, but always falls flat with the negative viber.

I can count on one hand the people I don’t get along with and the people who I don’t share my entire self with and never will.

I was once naive and trusting.

But experience has taught me to remember how people make you feel in your body.

Not just the things they say, but what actually happens in your belly.

Are you always crossing your arms when talking with them? Maybe you’re using that as a way to protect yourself, “don’t come any closer.”

Do you back up a little when they come towards you? That could be a natural way to keep their negative energy out of your bubble.

Have you tried to mend things, but no matter what it comes back to a feeling? Trust it.

Save your energy, your beautiful soul and your dazzling personality for the people who give it back!

There’s a reason these people are called ENERGY VAMPIRES.

Every story is negative.
There’s always some drama.
Nothing is ever good enough.

Run, don’t walk to the nearest exit. I’ll meet you there.

I lasted in corporate America for 14 months






I find myself craving stability.

Desiring a community of people who ask me how my day is going and if I finished creating images for the next opt – in freebie.

I spent a total of 14 months in corporate America, receiving a paycheck every two weeks with full benefits and a 401K.

I had work friends who went out to happy hour, but I ALWAYS felt like the odd duck. I’d accept the invite, but always left early or made excuses as to why I wasn’t eating the nacho’s or buffalo wings.

The truth is: I didn’t want to eat unhealthy food.

The “up for anything girl” wasn’t there anymore.

When I realized I would never fit into the societal norm of having a 9-5 I grew scared of what people would think of me.

It was so hard to think about disappointing my traditional father who worked in the same industry and only two different companies for 40 years. Whenever I got a new job he always asked about benefits and 401K.

But when I gave Fearful to Fit 100%  commitment, my Dad said, “You’ve never fit into a corporate job and I can’t picture you doing anything else. And that’s so cool you have no overhead.”

Go figure.

I spent so much time worrying about not being the daughter I thought my parents wanted me to be, that I wasted time in jobs I hated.

Little did they know that their middle child would be a yoga teacher, interested in crystals and intuitive healing.

I surprised myself.

A teacher told me in high school to stop raising my hand because it was obvious I wouldn’t know the answer.

I was the girl guys harassed because of my womanly figure.

The girl who battled an eating disorder for a decade.


I never thought I’d be creating, planning, cooking, teaching and leading sold out retreats. Seriously #wtf

I continue this crazy up and down rollercoaster of entrepreneurship for women just like you, who think you can’t do it. For the women who think, “it’s too crazy of an idea to work for myself.” Every limiting belief you tell yourself, it’s just not true.

You think Beyonce ever said no at the beginning of her career?

In October, I’m leading my last women’s retreat for a while. Mama needs a break.

With Love, Hustle + Healing Vibes,

J Muenz

3 Reasons Why We’re All Exhausted & What to Do About It

I’ve been coaching for 6 years and every round of new clients brings new challenges.

In 2015, I had the most driven, Type A, do anything you say and get massive results kind of clients.

This year, I’ve attracted high powered career women or burned out Mom’s who are barely hanging on by a thread.

Which is kind of a blend of me. CEO of Fearful to Fit and Mom who wishes all the organic food came already made into perfect meals, the laundry to finish itself and someone to whisk me to work out classes instead of counting down until I’m going to put my sneakers on.




  1. Our eyes are glued to the phone. I am on my phone for Instagram, Facebook, email, etc. and after a good 30 minutes my eyes are bloodshot and strained! We could pick up a good book and get lost for a while, but with a 15 month old, a biz to run and a household to take care of, time is of the essence. Okay…so I could spend less time on Instagram, but I LOVE PICTURES and insta stories…what a time waster – and yet, I participate.
  2. We’re not eating nutrient dense foods. You might be eating more fruits and veggies, hell, maybe you even went vegan but I know SO MANY OF US are still eating processed foods, tons of GMO soy (see ya later adrenals and soon to by thyroid issues) and we’re not eating the right foods for our body. We’re following a plan that worked for one of our friends and we’re ignoring our bodies.
  3. We’re not taking the time to figure out our own deficiencies. When’s the last time you had blood work done? When’s the last time you wrote a food diary and wrote down how your digestion was working before and after meals? Do you notice what meals make you tired and if you’re getting enough Zinc, B12 or Vitamin D rich foods in your diet?  The answer is usually no and it can’t be if you want to live without acquiring 10 auto immune disorders by the time your 30 something.


Everything is changing. Yes, we’re getting better. We’re going plant based, we’re cutting down processed foods and we’re trying to figure out why we’re so addicted to processed sugar and wondering why the hell it’s in so many things!

This is all good – we are making progress. I’m asking you to stop today for 5 minutes and look at yourself in the mirror. Take that time to figure out how you’re feeling and what you could do to feel better. Not just temporarily, but what could you bring to your lifestyle that will make you feel really good on a daily basis? 

  • You could buy super greens powder to add to each smoothie.
  • You could schedule yourself 3 workout classes a week.
  • You could make a monthly date with your bestie.
  • A weekly date night.
  • You could add dates to your diet for extra iron and fiber.
  • You could drink coconut water for a punch of electrolytes.
  • You could add mango to your snack list for Vitamin C.
  • You could eat tomatoes when you’re going to be in the sun (natural sunscreen + your regular sunscreen).
  • You could eat only organic, non-gmo meat so things like arsenic don’t end up in your blood.

PICK ONE or ALL and stop dragging through your day! 

Now decide what you need. Is it a Break Free Retreat to leave the old tired you in the past or do you need something a little longer, perhaps 90 days of coaching?

Either way, do something!!


J Muenz