6 Tips to Lose Weight or Maintain During the Holidays!

The holidays are quickly approaching and anxiety is slowly rising…especially for people who have lost weight or are trying to maintain.  I get the feeling.  Treats are abundant and “no” only sounds good until you see your favorite goodie…

Simple tips to get you through the holidays without gaining weight:

1. Don’t eliminate, unless you know you will devour the entire thing.  If something is too tempting or you’ve sworn off sugar for the last year, don’t indulge and than feel guilty.  Remember that November + December come every year.  If you can take a bite, a breath, a bite, a breath, maybe one more bite and be done, than have at it!

2. Eat before you go to a holiday party.  This is a recipe for success.  I remember thinking, “I won’t eat all day, so I can eat whatever I want tonight.”  Perfect for a binge.  Do not do this.  You will slow down your metabolism and your body will be mad at you.  Bottom line: Eat like you normally do.

3. Bring a dish.  If you know there will be nothing healthy at the party, then bring a veggie platter.  This is my go to.  Cut up carrots, broccoli, radishes, celery + anything else that sounds good and bring 2 tubs of hummus for dipping.  If you really want to get wild, throw in a couple of gluten free crackers!

4. It’s okay to say no to parties.  As a fitness professional, I try to go to sleep before 10pm every night, so I can wake up @ 5 and teach @ 6AM during the week.  A lot of holiday parties start at 7PM or later, I might stop by for an hour or just say no.  Health is the most important thing and if you can squeeze it in, go, but if it creates a crazy feeling, opt out!

5. Lay off the egg nog, or just take a couple sips.  There are TONS of recipes for healthier versions of bad foods we love.  So look some up and you will be wowed at how many calories you are saving by making a modified version!

6. Cleanse.  I love when people ask me about the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse and think you are not allowed to eat.  I would NEVER not eat for 10 days, let alone 1.  I’ll probably do the 10 Days leading up to Christmas, so my energy is higher than normal and my body is nice and detoxed to start the new year.

Breathe Grace into your Body

Give yourself some grace.  What do I mean by that?  Give yourself room to make mistakes, to breathe, to decompress.

“Stop trying to fit yourself into places that no longer fit.”  Iyanla Vanzant

Find people that are on your team.  The people that root for you and get excited when you tell them that something great just happened.  Run, don’t walk to the people who encourage you to go after your dreams, the people who share your good news, (and I don’t just mean on Fakebook).

I learned something valuable this past weekend at Oprah’s Live the Life You Want Tour.  Elizabeth Gilbert said this statement and it just made sense.  Especially to women.  “Stop using the word balance.  It doesn’t exist.  One thing is going to go great and we’re going to continue striving for that perfect “balance.”  It’s one more thing that women say they don’t do well.  So stop saying it, stop trying to achieve it and just embrace the fact that you are a beautiful mess.”


When you don’t know how, but you know you must.

The feeling inside your chest when you know something has to change, but you don’t know how or what.  It’s bigger than you.  The feeling is like music playing through your blood, flowing from vein to vein, faster and faster.

How do I get what I want out of life?  Out of my career?  How come it seems like everybody has it so “together,” when I feel like I’m falling apart.  But it’s not a fall to the floor, sob style, it’s like being broken open for something greater.  Do I wait or do I search continuously to find it?

I believe in another life I was the person who created soundtracks for movies.  In this part of my life movie, this is the song that plays…Dorian by Agnes Obel.  Different keys go up and down, quicker than softer, until the end…keys soft…last note.