There’s a subtle difference between someone who cares and someone who doesn’t…

Person A will spend quality time with you without looking at the time and making it obvious, they might even reach out to touch your hand, or give you a hug.
Person B will look at you across the room, run down a list of questions and offer you something outside of yourself.
Person A is an intuitive, she is with you all the way, from when the session/class starts until it ends. She doesn’t text or email back when she’s with you.
Person B sounds distracted, is always doing too much at once, she’s with you 40% because she’s either stretched too thin or views you as a number, not a human being.
Which one do you want on your team?
Person A or Person B?
Which one would you rather have as a Coach/Mentor?
It’s obvious, right?
You want someone so present to you, your challenges, your celebrations, your dreams and when they sum up your experience at the end of the session, you can’t help but think, “they really get me.”
During the deep activation sessions, I see past the masks, past the bullshit, I see you.
The beauty.
The strength.
The pain.
I see your gifts and what it’s taken for you to get to this place.
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I can’t sugarcoat anything or tell you it’s going to be easy, it’s not.
But when you come out on the other side, you’ll look back and think… “so thankful I said yes.”

5 Day Activate Your Gifts Challenge

Do you sense you have a purpose you haven’t yet uncovered?

Do you feel like you’re at work staring at the computer screen hating your life and hoping something exciting shows up in your inbox?

You’re not alone.

You’re also not fulfilling your purpose. #obvi

stop searching outside yourself and step into this 5 day challenge – Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A Formula That Works – You’ll learn EXACTLY how to step into your gifts FAST…so you’re never wishing you would’ve stepped up to the plate and actually asked for what you KNOW you deserve.
  • A Complete 5 Step Video Series on How to Activate Your Gifts – including how to find the solutions within, how to create an upgraded mindset, & how to amplify your talents.
  • Plus…how to bring your gifts into your lifestyle, so you can start living your life purpose, instead of guessing what you’re supposed to do in your life right now.


DAY 1: How did I get here?… stepping into your value

DAY 2: Standing up to your self – doubt and telling her who’s boss

DAY 3: Pinpoint what your true gift is versus guessing from your pool of skills

DAY 4: How to allow your gifts, talents and strengths to bubble up instead of keeping them caged

DAY 5: Creating your own empowerment action plan

How stay at home Mama lost 20 pounds and fixed 20 year battle with digestive issues in one month

Meet Tara:  In this week’s How SHE did it interview, we have Tara Pezzoli, a bad ass stay at home Mama and party planning extraordinaire, who – lost 20 pounds and a 20 year battle of digestive issues in less than 90 days.

Tara used the Fearful to Fit program to not only lose the weight and get her digestive system working without stimulants, but to step into her confidence to release her natural people pleasing tendencies.

So How Did SHE Do It?

The Challenge:  

Trying to lose weight and spending more than $10,000 became the ordinary for Tara. She said she, “tried it all!” The personal trainers, Keto, Weight Watchers, counting her macro’s, etc. and knew she needed an expert in weight loss who wouldn’t give her a meal plan and weigh ins. It wouldn’t work.

She’d had it with the dieting industry, it was so confusing!

The Solution:  

That’s where I came in. I helped Tara develop a healthy relationship with food, one that would energize her and satisfy her needs without the feeling of missing out on fun trips and weekends at her lakehouse.

In a seriously short amount of time, we kicked her Swiss Kriss to the curb, brought in magnesium and turned her eating habits from emotional fill ups to intuitive goddess.

But as Tara will tell you, the transformations that happened through this process for her weren’t just related to weight loss and digestion – some were personal.

As she explains “Even after we were done working together, I was still experiencing shifts and still do!”

The Results:  

Tara lost 20 pounds, fixed her digestive issues and told her people pleasing ways to hit the road!

HER future:

As a Fearful to Fit Graduate, she’s continuing to lose weight at a pace that works for her, is finding her strong voice and is finding her place in this world as the CONFIDENT, LOYAL woman that she is!

It’s time to Activate Your Gifts + Experience your Own Fearful to Fit Transformation,

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