How Gabrielle eliminated self-doubt to unlock her full potential!

Meet Gabie:  In this week’s How SHE did it interview, we have Gabriella Mara, a very successful employee of a fortune 500 company, who went from self doubt and anxiety to feeling more connected to her true life path than ever!

Gabrielle used the Deep Activation program to not only bust through fear, she also learned how to get to the root of her purpose while feeling more connected to herself than ever before.

So How Did SHE Do It?

The Challenge:

“Some of the exercises are mentally exhausting because J doesn’t hesitate to jump right in, to put in the actual work in the immediate term, instead of putting it off. This can be challenging as you’re forced to look inward and root cause the reasons you’re feeling stressed, overworked, lack of joy, and lack of clarity. However, looking inward and calling things out for what they are is the first step in learning more about yourself and to create a path towards feeling joy, love, compassion, and fun every day.”

The Solution:  

“I learned tools to help me re-focus my energy to the right places including: ruthlessly prioritizing the people, activities, and personal talents that are most important to living the life you want to live, how to create a moral/spiritual compass for the things that bring you the most joy so you can find time to do these things on a regular basis, how stress is a product of our own creation (eliminate the unnecessary stress that you put onto yourself), how to trust yourself and your ability to make good decisions, to get things done, and to succeed (be thankful for your past and don’t worry about the future, instead focus on living in the moment), how to actually live and be in the moment instead of just doing things to do things/check things off a list, how to be self-confident in yourself, be kind to yourself, and stop saying self-deprecating or limiting beliefs in order to unlock your full potential.”

We created a solution for Gabie by eliminating thoughts that weren’t serving her highest purpose. We got to the root of what she REALLY wanted, rather than feeling like she had to answer like she was “supposed to.” Gabie has BIG dreams and we created a vision for her, with a timeline… so let’s keep watch of this golden girl to see when she fully steps into her vision and brings it to fruition…

The Results:  

“My life is so much better now, I feel more connected to myself than ever. I make time in my schedule for the things, activities, and people that bring me the most joy. I invest in these things, and don’t entertain anything else that doesn’t feed into my well-being, joy, and fun. I am able to better manage stress, and have a clearer mental path for how I want to live my life. I’ve been able to share my learnings and self-discoveries with other friends and family and I love being able to help them discover the same tools and perspective that I’ve learned.”

HER future:

As a Deep Activation Graduate, her goal is to continue living the life she was able to envision with the help of me, (in her words). She has lots of notes, tools, and journaling to look back on during the deep activation if she needs a gentle reminder.

“And I know J is always there for future mentoring, retreats, or workshops if I end up needing some guidance to get me back on the path that I’m currently on and remind me of all the great work we uncovered together.”


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How Kirsten pushed through fear and went from $2,000 to $8,000 months!

Meet Kirsten:  In this week’s How SHE did it interview, we have Kirsten Cowles, a destination wedding planner, educator, and Owner of The Tropical Code who went from making $2,000 to $8,000 in just 12 weeks!

Kirsten used the Deep Activation program to not only bust through fear, she also learned how to be more confident in the decisions she made for her business and tripled her income.

So How Did SHE Do It?

The Challenge:  

“I knew I needed support to help push through the blocks I was having with my business. I lacked motivation and momentum because although I had great ideas, fear was holding me back from taking the steps I needed to.

There were a lot of times that I was afraid to put myself out there when creating and promoting my products or making decisions (like firing a client) and had to push through the fear.”

The Solution:  

“I was able to clearly see the path I needed to take with my business. I’m now only doing work that I enjoy and that is in line with my goals. I received the insight to stop working with small, side projects that weren’t supporting my main goal in order to focus on what was important and profitable.”

We created a solution for Kirsten by sloughing off services and products that weren’t bringing in massive income, but requiring a lot of time. We narrowed in on her gifts and used them to create a smashing course in her expertise. I learned to be bolder and more confident when promoting myself and stopped being so modest.

The Results:  

“My income increased dramatically! I went from making around $2k per month to $6k per month while working with you. Last month and this month I’ve made $8k! Once I started focusing and putting effort into the right things, everything felt into place.”

HER future:

As a Deep Activation Graduate, her goal is to continue with the momentum she has now in her business, promote her products (vendor guide and course) and show up online consistently.


It’s time to Activate Your Gifts + Experience your Own Fearful to Fit Transformation!

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I had to do something drastic to pull me out of the loop

Your subconscious mind holds the beliefs that aren’t true.

“Oh my god if I spend $3,000, I’ll never get it back.”

But what if you spent that $3,000 and tripled it?

You need to put yourself in an environment of accountability and energy of abundance.

I was in the loop.

It was 2015 and we had just bought a house and moved from Seattle to Gig Harbor after getting married.

I knew I wanted to be a Health Coach, but after making basically no money as a full-time fitness instructor, I didn’t think it was possible to make more than $40,000 a year.

I had maxed out my efforts, bought all the DIY programs and watched all the free content on how to make my passion an actual business, but I was tired.

Exhausted. Working to the bone with a full coaching schedule, but making the tiniest amount of money, I was desperate, but trapped in the loop.

“I make no money, so I have none to invest.”


I got on a call with someone I knew I would kill it with, because I liked her vibe and I liked how powerful I felt when talking to her. I felt like I could actually make it with her on my side.

It was on this call that I got out of the loop.

I said yes, didn’t have the money to invest and took a chance on me.

Something I thought I had done, but not at this level and it skyrocketed my commitment, confidence and goals to succeed.

It’s been nearly four years of hard work, dedication and focus and I’ve doubled my income every year since working with her.

I always think… “what if I would’ve said no AGAIN and stayed in the loop of, can’t invest because I’m scared?” I already know what would’ve happened, because I had been doing it for 4 years prior to hiring a coach.

In 12 days I’m heading to Arizona for a retreat and photo shoot and it’s because I got out of the loop.

Take my advice and get out of the loop!

Cheers to the most epic 2020,
J Muenz
CEO Fearful to Fit + Activate Your Gifts
P.S. Until you work with someone who knows how to get you to the deepest level of healing to make room for growth, the foundation ain’t solid sista. It’s like a grumbly mess and it’s in desperate need of a clean up service.

We reprogram your mind to be a “fit” mindset. Not a fearful one, that attracts all that pain and
operating out of fear.

 (hence Fearful to Fit)

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