Hi, I'm J

hey soul sis,


I want you to imagine yourself 90 days from now...


Are you struttin' your stuff on the beach, knowing that the eyes are on you because your confidence exudes from the outside in? Or are you in a tankini with a towel wrapped around because you're hoping you started your "get in shape sister" program months before vacay?


I know the feeling. Well, both feelings to be exact.


I used to wear the sarong because I always had 20 pounds to lose. I'd lose 10 and reward myself with a trip to the candy store. Face smack. I also struggled for a decade with an eating disorder and it wasn't until I said, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


It was MY time. And I needed help. So I enrolled in nutrition school, became a Certified Health Coach in 2011, hired my own Health Coach, lost 20 pounds naturally (it can be done) without pills, powders or a crazy psycho regimen and never looked back.


My name is J and I’m here to help you lose weight, wounds and worries in 90 days or less.


You're here because you've done the dieting game, the Keto, the vegan, vegetarian, juiced, Whole 30, you've done. it. all. and you're still not losing the weight for good.


Not this time. But don't take my word for it, take a glance at the women I've worked with who have mastered the art of losing weight while working full-time jobs, being a Mama and wearing all the hats.


During our time together I know how to cue into words, tones and phrases you say, things you don't notice and from there we craft a future that brings your REAL challenges to the surface. The ones that are so ingrained, that you are unaware of them and that's why you've been struggling for so long, chasing so many different diets and thinking, "finally this is it!" to only quit a few months later.

I work with women like you, who are:

  • Fed up with trying out how to do everything on their own

  • Ready to face their fears and finally step into the women they've always wanted to be

  • Done making excuses and lying to themselves that they need one more thing (certification, training, etc.) to be ready to show up for themselves.

  • Typically extroverted introverts who know deep inside they have the "it factor" to go big, but they just don't know how (yet...)

  • Going to press the YES button now!

You're here on purpose, for a big stinkin' reason, so own that shit and apply for your decision making call (like yesterday)...



Lovin’ Life,

J Muenz

Weight Loss Expert, Fearful to Fit



Credential / Certification Year
Detox Specialist May 2017
Happiness Life Coach Certification In Progress (2019)
Women's Fitness Specialist 2016
E-RYT (yoga teacher) via Yoga Alliance 2011-now
Reiki Practitioner Level 1 + 2 2015
Strala Yoga Teacher 2015
Certified Booty Barre Instructor 2014
Writer for "Yoga & Your Body" on doyouyoga.com 2014
Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2013
Member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners 2013
Certified TESL Teacher in Thailand 2009
Bachelor of Arts Communication, W.S.U. 2007
A.A. Communication, Bellevue College 2005

Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me:

"I'm worthy of everything I desire."