Hi, I'm J

hey soul sis,


I spent the beginning of my life thinking I wasn't smart enough. No matter how hard I tried, bad grades put me on the bench. After crying to my Mom about not understanding what was happening in school, she took me to a child psychologist who specialized in learning disabilities. I had an ADD and ADHD diagnosis with a prescription to adderall within a few hours...

For the first time ever, I was getting STRAIGHT A'S and it was my first year in college! But I wasn't hungry due to the ADD meds, so I wouldn't eat and then I lost a bunch of weight and that's where things really started getting messy.

A 10 year battle with bulimia and a bad break up that added 10 extra pounds to my already 10 extra pounds frame brought me to my knees.

A girlfriend told me about a health coaching school she was signing up for and asked me if I wanted to do it with her.

I was already teaching yoga and loving it, but the food piece was missing.

I still didn't know how to fuel my body and lose weight without obsessing about it.

So, I signed up, learned my body's blueprint, lost 25 pounds and started coaching women in 2011. Clients came fast...

5 years later...

I fly to Florida with my husband and 5 month old to get my certification in Regenerative Detoxification. I learned about healing the body through food and herbs.

It's a transformation, sis.

Just when you think you've uncovered another layer of who you are, another one appears.

That's what we'll do when we work together.

We peel.

And peel.

And peel.

Until we get to the root of your roadblocks.

Credential / Certification Year
Detox Specialist May 2017
Happiness Life Coach Certification In Progress (2018)
Women's Fitness Specialist 2016
E-RYT (yoga teacher) via Yoga Alliance 2011-now
Reiki Practitioner Level 1 + 2 2015
Strala Yoga Teacher 2015
Certified Booty Barre Instructor 2014
Writer for "Yoga & Your Body" on doyouyoga.com 2014
Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2013
Member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners 2013
Certified TESL Teacher in Thailand 2009
Bachelor of Arts Communication, W.S.U. 2007
A.A. Communication, Bellevue College 2005

The women I work with are:

  • DONE packing on the pounds because you are DONE hiding. No more. Not for ANYBODY.
  • So sick and tired of eating your feelings because you don't know how to go through them.
  • Fed up with every diet and feeling like a failure because you couldn't stick to 10 calories per day.
  • Ready to release the body that keeps you in disguise.
  • No longer feeling lost - you know that today is just the beginning.
  • Never buying the packaged diet food again, you know that if you can't prepare it yourself, it's temporary.

Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me:

"it's time I get the life I know I deserve."

My Transformation

I felt like if only the outer layers would disappear then people could see me.

I was ready to see myself. The one who I had always been but didn't have the courage to show.

No more rejecting party invites so I could sit alone watching TV eating cookies and ice cream.

I became the go-to gal for women wanting to lose weight without going on another juice cleanse or obsessing over food.

Since graduation, I've coached hundreds and hundreds of women.

ME!! I couldn't believe that the girl who was struggling for YEARS became the expert on weight loss.

I wanted more.

In early 2017, I had a baby! But the labor was far from what I imagined. 26 hours of "where the hell is this kid?" Failed vacuum. Emergency C-Section. I was a hurtin' Mama Bear. I tried EVERYTHING to heal naturally.

Now, some of my favorite clients are Mama's who have had C- Sections. We have a special bond and I know I can help them - emotionally, too.

There are other ways to work together besides private coaching or joining the mastermind. Join the next retreat or listen to the I-Tunes podcast called, "In My Sweats."


Mucho gusto senorita,

J Muenz
Founder + CEO


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Past lives I seriously think I lived...

  • Southern woman - I've been told I have southern charm AND I COULD TOTALLY SEE MYSELF POURING SWEET TEA!
  • Nurse in world war 1 or 2 - I blame Pearl Harbor movie with Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsdale
  • Show tunes performer - I almost hate seeing plays because I want to be on stage
  • Good witch - I've been told my three psychics that I won't die this time around for being a healer..."um...thanks?"
  • Gypsy (still am)
  • East coaster - I can't hide my love for east coast men and women - they fascinate me)