5 Day Activate Your Gifts Challenge

Do you sense you have a purpose you haven’t yet uncovered?

Do you feel like you’re at work staring at the computer screen hating your life and hoping something exciting shows up in your inbox?

You’re not alone.

You’re also not fulfilling your purpose. #obvi

stop searching outside yourself and step into this 5 day challenge – Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A Formula That Works – You’ll learn EXACTLY how to step into your gifts FAST…so you’re never wishing you would’ve stepped up to the plate and actually asked for what you KNOW you deserve.
  • A Complete 5 Step Video Series on How to Activate Your Gifts – including how to find the solutions within, how to create an upgraded mindset, & how to amplify your talents.
  • Plus…how to bring your gifts into your lifestyle, so you can start living your life purpose, instead of guessing what you’re supposed to do in your life right now.


DAY 1: How did I get here?… stepping into your value

DAY 2: Standing up to your self – doubt and telling her who’s boss

DAY 3: Pinpoint what your true gift is versus guessing from your pool of skills

DAY 4: How to allow your gifts, talents and strengths to bubble up instead of keeping them caged

DAY 5: Creating your own empowerment action plan

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