It's time to show up. Wake up to the Power Within. You have it.



Dear Gifted One,

Peep this, yo. You show up to a bad-ass sisterhood gathering to powerfully jumpstart your inner gifts and set them on fire. Every woman is here for this electric initiation knowing that they will strut out of here propelled into action towards their BIG ASS DREAMS.

During this electrifying 4-day retreat, you're saying buh-bye to beliefs that keep you stuck and hello to the confidence and clarity that you so desire.

The best part is that when you get home, you're now living in that energy field.

I'm talkin' to you girl who knows she has the "it" factor to really have it all, and then some!

The Electrify Your Gifts Retreat includes everything you're craving for figuring out your life's purpose. You'll witness your body transforming from tense and stiff to relaxed and fulfilled in less than four days. It's called soul food, sista.

Here's what's goin' down:

  • YOU walking away remembering how good it feels to be a confident, "have it all" woman (without all the headaches of taking care of other people).
  • YOU having sacred new friendships with women who are going after their desires fearlessly and immediately (the ones they thought weren't possible).
  • YOU feeling totally free while enjoying everything you've learned about your natural gifts and how to go to the next level using them.
  • YOU having had the best four days remembering what life is all about - connection and the ability to step into the version of yourself that you knew was always inside
  • YOU with total renewal so you can rest easy and know that health, wealth, solid relationships, goals and growth are more than possible - they are all happening now.
  • YOU knowing your mind and body is your best tool, for moving around stuck energy for the most rockin' version of you - inside and out.


We chose this modern and spacious ranch in Ojai because of the master king suites and sacred mountains with a panoramic view of the Topa Topa mountains. Our sparkling white crisp ranch is 4,000 square feet and five acres. Immerse yourself in the resort like pool and spa (with a slide!), take a hike on one of the numerous trails, or pick fruit from the fruit trees surrounded by an indescribable serene and spiritual energy from the sacred nature surroundings of Ojai - hello, luxury and thrill, I remember you.


It's less than a 30 minute drive from the Santa Barbara airport. Plus, check in is on Thursday at 6:00pm and we start with a fire ceremony at 7:00pm.


My team and I will be spoiling with you a healing chef known to celebrities for wowing them with her creative genius.

Our Healing Chef Hanna, is a teacher and a student of embodied Wellness. She believes that being in a state of radiant vitality is the highest act of respect for Life. Her relationship to Love began inside her own body at a young age through the practices of Hatha Yoga, Dahn Hak, and Qigong.

She was 20 when she began teaching with QiRevolution, a non-profit organization that makes Qigong and Food-Based healing accessible to thousands of Americans each year.  In 2008 she began working as a Healing Foods Chef and Wellness Mentor for those interested in alternative (at once traditional) ways of healing.   She now travels several times a year in continuation of her desire to share and teach the art of food medicine and internal wellness.

You’ll be enjoying the wildly delicious, nutrient dense, anti - inflammatory, gluten, dairy and soy free delights with your new soul sisters.

We'll be taking care of all your cravings with a steady flow of freshly made juices! Say goodbye to waking up puffy and hello to "I've never had more natural energy in my life..."

When you arrive on Thursday evening, you’ll be greeted by heavy appetizers (believe us, you'll be pleasantly full).

Oh by the way, 80% of our retreater's lose an average of 5 pounds after the retreat BOOM.


Then we’ll unwind with an evening guided meditation and gentle yoga flow that'll leave you feeling ready to soak up the deep activations. Afterwards, we’ll dine together by candlelight while enjoying panoramic views of mountainous beauty and sacred grounds. Enjoy an uninterrupted night of sleep or slide into the luxury like spa.

Wake to your feel good juice, detox in a heart-pumping workout and enjoy heart to hearts with your new lady friends over breakfast.

Take a walk outside and explore the beauty around you. Don’t wander too far or else you’ll miss the Manifestation Workshop. This experience will clear you out, just when you thought it couldn't get any better.

The day will continue with "can I have seconds" healing bites, activating workshops, a healing ceremony and shake what your Mama gave you work it out classes (you'll be wide eyed when you see what else I have planned for you).


Throughout the weekend, I'm bringing in a highly sought after writer/actress from Los Angeles to show you how to manifest what you want in a way you have never done (so you can get detailed on what you really want).

When you wake up replenished on Sunday, you'll have a few more secrets to look forward to... be ready to say the final goodbyes to all your self made confusion and step into the real version of you - she's a smooth operator, making moves, her dreams happen and ditching the "I'm so confused and overwhelmed" game in exchange for total clarity and confidence.


The first step is identifying all the bullshit stories you've been telling yourself - you know the ones that have been keeping you from taking your business to the next level, starting the career you actually love, or taking on that wild passion project you've had on the list for years.

The next step is healing the fear. Under all those bullshit stories... we walk straight towards it. And the most amazing thing happens once we dive into the fear, your gifts reveal themselves.

The final step is putting electricity into your field. This is the part of the retreat where we'll map out the step - by - step action plan to move towards. You're activated in this version of yourself and with a plan in hand - you'll feel unstoppable.


  • Fed up with trying out what the hell the next step is...
  • Ready to face their fears and finally see the gifts inside and build their life and career around this magic!
  • Done making excuses and lying to themselves that they need one more thing (certification, training, etc.) to be ready to show up as themselves.
  • Typically extroverted introverts who know deep inside that they have always had the dreams of going big, but they just don't know how (yet...)
  • Going to press the YES button now!
  • You also know that in order to get the life you desire, you have to put out your real vibe. Not the one you think you should have, but the real you. The awesome, wonderful, beautiful, goofy, weird, intelligent woman that you are - that's the girl that's ready to show up.


  • 4 days + 3 nights luxurious accommodations at the modern ranch in Ojai
  • Healing foods created by world renowned healing chef
  • 4 days of "gift activating" workshops – complacency has no place here
  • Daily movement classes that'll leave you detoxed (sacred yoga, electric barre, etc.)
  • Time to explore the beautiful sacred space of Ojai
  • Highly sought after Guest Speakers


  • Gifts upon arrival {$125+ value}
  • 4 - 60 minute intimate group coaching sessions (2 before retreat and 2 after) ($1,500 value)

What's Not Included?

  • Transportation
  • Flights
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

J Muenz is the Founder + CEO of Fearful to Fit and Activate Your Gifts. She's also Seattle's top Gift Activator, Detox Specialist and Happiness Coach for Women. J has taught fitness since 2011 and led 5 sold out retreats. She's the Podcast Host of chart climber "In My Sweats" on I-Tunes and is eager to witness your transformation from a woman wanting "all these things" to a woman having "all these things." You could say before and afters are her favorite things to be a part of, besides her nearly 3 year old son and firefighter husband.

***J's talked on radio shows, television appearances and is making waves on podcasts about how to activate your gifts.

Meet your Guest Speakers!


Ashleigh is an actor, writer and improviser from Seattle, WA! She received a BA in Theatre Arts from Howard University in Washington DC and now lives in Los Angeles. She is the voice of “Bask” in Marvel’s Avengers Assemble: Black Panther’s Quest and the wild-eyed kid scientist “Wren” in Craig of the Creek. She has appeared in 13 national commercials and has traveled to Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco and Hawaii to perform and teach improv. Her recent TV credits include Modern Family (ABC), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW), and Comedy Bang! Bang! (IFC). She can’t wait to teach her new signature writing workshop, "Creating the Path Toward Your Manifested Reality" at the 2020 Retreat in Ojai. In this discovery workshop, Ashleigh will guide retreat-goers in creating their very own resource for propelling gifts into manifested reality.  The path looks different for everyone!  What will be your thing?  Is it a series of affirmations every morning in your car on the way to work? A prayer while showering? A few minutes of meditation before bed every night?  Whatever it is, it will be created by YOU and will put action into your passion to unlock the limitless opportunities you've been waiting for!


Jessica Riverson is known in the online coaching industry as the founder of the international coaching brand Permission to Charge® where she and her team help female experts and coaches to confidently price, package and sell their expertise from 10K to 100K using leveraged, scalable business models.  In less than 5 years she’s scaled up her 1:1 coaching practice to a leveraged model, retired her husband to work in the business, built a team and created the Permission to Charge® Academy, The Expansion Mastermind and a host of other programs serving women in coaching.

But she quickly outgrew this description and now is better known among her premiere clients as a conduit for allowing them to open their channel to serve and receive at their highest level.  She teaches them to step into what she calls their “Feminine CEO” and create highly successful businesses on their own terms.  And while she shows her clients how to create unthinkable amounts of money each month, what she truly does is enable them to access a space of infinite possibility within themselves—where there’s no excuses, no apologies and no shrinking to fit other’s ideals.  In this space is where women fully give themselves permission to charge and permission to receive—BIG.

Dear Soul Sister,

If you've been waiting for a message from the universe, this is it! You are here to release any tension you hold in your body. You are here to let your bright light shine! On my retreats, I've watched women go from timid, shy and overworked and happy, carefree and uplifted by the time they drive away. I want that for you. I want you to feel like the powerful, strong and feminine woman you are, not the woman society wants you to be. Find your inner wisdom, connect to your intuition and witness the magic of sisterhood.

I am in your corner. I am rooting for you. Do not spend one more minute thinking you are not worth it.


Twin Shared Bedroom

* 6 available ONLY 3 left! * $300 off

$2950 $2650 Pay in Full

3 payments of $983 $883


Queen Suite Bedroom w/extra bed!

* only 1 left! *


$350 off!

$4400 $4050

3 payments of $1467 $1350

Shared ($1,000 savings!)

$400 off!

$3300 $2900 each

3 payments of $1100 $966 each


King Suite Bedroom, Private Bathroom + Additional Twin Bed

* only 3 left! *


$500 off!

$4700 $4500

3 payments of $1567 $1400

2 people sharing ($1,000 savings!)

$700 off!

$3700 $3000 each 

3 payments of $1233 $1000 each

3 people sharing ($1,600 savings!)

$1,200 off total!

$3100 $2700 each 

3 payments of $1033 $900 each

sale happening now! (see below for countdown)


PLEASE NOTE: Room accommodations are limited. Reservations accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no refunds are available.

a peek of where you'll be staying...

most frequently asked questions:

  • Can I book a shared king and share with a friend?
    • YES! Email you and your friends name/s to J@jmuenz.com and we'll put you together!


  • If I have a food allergy, can you accommodate me?
    • YES! We accommodate EVERY type of food allergy and we've had them all...unless you say you're allergic to salt, then you're not allowed to come.


  • Can I bring a bottle of wine?
    • Not this time. There is no alcohol permitted at this retreat. Feel free to stop by a winery on your way home!


  • Is it weird if I'm coming alone?
    • Not at all, the last retreat we had, EVERY SINGLE WOMAN booked BY HERSELF. That's the kind of courageous women we have on these retreats.


  • Can I share a king suite with my bestie/sister?
    • Hell yes sister - easy payment plan for two to three of you. The King Suites include a Twin Bed, so there's more than enough room.


  • Is it cool if I skip a workout to sleep or read?
    • This is your weekend - YOU DECIDE what you need, so if you want to skip a workout, DO IT. Rest.


  • I have really bad anxiety and feel scared in social situations, will I be totally out of place?
    • We usually attract women with high anxiety who want to enjoy life, but are totally freaked out by not knowing a soul. You'll be right at home. 😉


  • I can't make this retreat, will you have another one this year?
    • We aren't sure yet. We'll keep you posted! 


  • Are there refunds?
    • No, there are limited spots - no refunds! If you can't make it - you must find your own replacement.


After first payment you are agreeing to the terms and conditions here.

Post Payment, you'll receive a welcome letter!