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April 5 - 7

Cle Elum, WA

Activate Your Gifts: The Retreat


Hey Girlfriend!

Imagine stepping into an inviting circle of women who are leaving the boys and babies at home to let go of responsibility and say hell yes to honing in on what makes YOU unique.

In the midst of this ultimate girl power weekend, you're releasing years of pent up confusion that keep you from experiencing all of your inner needs ---HELLO, did you forget about the girl who loved to live her life without a plan, without responsibilities, without keeping track of EVERY. SINGLE. THING. on the to do list?

I'm talkin' to you cross - off queen!

All of this is happening while you get panoramic lakefront and mountain views.

The Activate Your Gifts Retreat includes everything you're craving for figuring out your life's purpose. You'll witness your body transforming from tense and stiff to relaxed and fulfilled in less than three days. It's called soul food, sista.

What's possible?

  • YOU walking away remembering how good it feels to be a confident woman (without all the tasks of taking care of other people).
  • YOU having fabulous new friendships with women who are ready to go after their hidden desires (the ones they thought weren't possible).
  • YOU feeling totally free while enjoying everything you've learned about your passions, goals and talents.
  • YOU having had the best weekend remembering what life is all about - connection and the ability to be who you are without all the titles.
  • YOU with total renewal so you can rest easy and know that a replenished you is the best you.
  • YOU knowing your body is your best tool, for moving around stuck energy for the most rockin' version of you - inside and out.


We chose this luxurious lakefront home in Cle Elum because of the master king suites and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ridges. Our residence is 7,700 square feet. Immerse yourself in the private infinity pool, or jump off the diving board surrounded by a massive pool deck - hello, luxury and thrill, I remember you.

It's less than 90 minutes from Seattle.  Cle Elum is just a hop over the pass. Plus, check in on Friday is 6:00pm - to get the party started.



My team and I will be spoiling you with my most coveted skin glowing recipes. You’ll be enjoying the most popular, homemade spring dishes with your new besties, dancing around the table in your scrunchies and leggings.

We'll be taking care of all your cravings with a steady flow of freshly made juices! Say goodbye to waking up puffy and hello to "this is the first time my stomach's been flat in years..."

When you arrive on Friday early afternoon, you’ll be greeted by the most mouth watering appetizers and your VIP gift bag filled with so many oooo's and ahhhh's.

Then we’ll unwind with an evening movement class that'll leave you feeling ready for ALL THE THINGS. Afterwards, we’ll dine together and laugh off the awkwardness of getting each other's names down. Enjoy an uninterrupted night of sleep (I know, hard to believe) or jump in the humongous hot tub.

Wake to your feel good juice, sweat it out in a heart-pumping work out and talk it up with your new lady friends over breakfast.

Take a walk outside and explore the beauty around you. Don’t wander too far or else you’ll miss the Pampering Workshop. This experience will zen you out, just when you thought it couldn't get any better.

The day will continue with "can I have seconds" food, soul filling exercises and shake what your Mama gave you fitness classes (you'll be wide eyed when you see what else I have planned for you).


Saturday night, I'm bringing in a highly sought after writer/actress from Los Angeles to show you how to laugh off your worries and stop taking yourself so seriously (so you can focus on what really matters in your life).

When you wake up replenished on Sunday, you'll be ready to say the final goodbyes to all your self made stress and step into the real version of you - she's a smooth operator, still making moves, making her dreams happen and ditching the "who can put more on their to do list" game in exchange for total relaxation and joy.


This retreat is going to LIVEN up your life. You're going to liberate yourself from invisible chains - and admire the woman you see in the mirror!

You're going to see what you need to fill your tank and how to get it on a daily basis - and actually follow through!

You're going to make plans to start using the gifts you were born with the moment we laser in on what those gifts are!

You'll know how to access the fun girl within when stress has hit an all time high.


  • DONE just wanting connection and DONE hiding in your home office.
  • So tired of feeling low and having to explain how tired you are to your kids.
  • Fed up with the take, take, take friend and feeling like it'd be nice to have questions asked about your life...for once.
  • Ready to release the tension you hold in your body from living a stressed out life.
  • No longer feeling like you're not using the gifts you were given - you just lacked the confidence to use them.
  • You also know that in order to get the life you desire, you have to put out your real vibe. Not the one you think you should have, but the real you. The awesome, wonderful, beautiful, goofy, weird, intelligent woman that you are - that's the girl that's ready to show up.


  • 3 days + 2 nights luxurious accommodations at the lakefront home in Cle Elum
  • 5 expertly planned meals, daily drink + snacks
  • 3 days of "feel good" workshops – stress has no place here
  • 4 fitness classes that'll leave you sweaty + strong
  • Time to explore the beautiful city of Cle Elum
  • 4 highly sought after Guest Speakers


  • VIP gift bag {$125+ value}
  • Secret Gifts {$200+ value}

What's Not Included?

  • Transportation
  • Gratuity
  • Alcohol
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

J Muenz is the Founder + CEO of Fearful to Fit. She's also Seattle's top Detox Specialist and Holistic Health Coach for Women. J has taught yoga + barre since 2011, led sold out retreats and certified as a Women's Fitness Specialist a few years ago. She's the Podcast Host of "In My Sweats" on I-Tunes and is eager to witness your transformation from a stressed out looney tune to a "where has she been all these years" woman. You could say before and afters are her favorite things to witness, besides her 2 year old son and firefighter husband.

Meet your Guest Speakers!


Ashleigh is an actor, writer and improviser from Seattle, WA! She received a BA in Theatre Arts from Howard University in Washington DC and now lives in Los Angeles where she regularly performs at the renowned UCB Theatre on Maude Night with her team The New Deal. She is the voice of “Bask” in Marvel’s Avengers Assemble: Black Panther’s Quest and the wild-eyed kid scientist “Wren” in Craig of the Creek. She has appeared in 13 national commercials and has traveled to Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco and Hawaii to perform and teach improv. In 2018 Ashleigh appeared in the acclaimed CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase as a writer and performer. Her recent TV credits include Modern Family (ABC), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW), and Comedy Bang! Bang! (IFC). She can’t wait to teach her signature workshop at the Sisterhood Retreat Spring 2019.




From an early age, Rachel Chloé Uttech felt the fire that music and dance lit inside her. After graduating high school, she was invited to join Breaking Point Dance Company and trained under the direction of Wade Sugiyama & Anna Matuszewski (for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis), performing all over the US and Canada. Highlights include an appearance on NBC's "Showtime at the Apollo" and the World Hip Hop Championships. After earning her B.A. from the University of Washington, she relocated to Spain, still performing and teaching hip hop, but with her eyes set on a new style to master: Salsa. In 2012, Rachel moved back to Seattle and started Explosive Elegance, her own fusion dance company specializing in Latin, hip hop and contemporary styles. She’s going to teach you how to move those hips and use the body you were given from birth!



Jennifer Bumpus is a professional fitness instructor, as well as a mother to 3, Michael (8), Kobe (6) and Jada (4). She and her husband, Michael, own Elite Training Academy (ETA), an athletic training facility in Snohomish County. ETA is recognized as one of the top professional fitness and athletic training facilities in the PNW.

Jen took over boot camps as head trainer. She enjoys working with all levels of fitness, beginner to advanced, and always looks to lovingly challenge her clients. Jen has trained over hundreds of women, and has created a unique space at ETA, with the creation of the Women-only boot camps. She is best known for her success with her Get Fit program, an intensive 6-week fitness and nutrition accountability program guaranteed to get you results. She is also the creator of Booty By Bumpus- a booty building, sculpting and shaping, hip-hop blasting, and always poppin’, class.

She believes, fitness and nutrition are vital. Period. However, she believes in grace, seasons and sisterhood too. She is an intention-setting, goal-getting, hype-you-up every step of the way, trainer, mommy, wife and friend.

Dear Soul Sister,

If you've been waiting for a message from the universe, this is it! You are here to release any tension you hold in your body. You are here to let your bright light shine! On my retreats, I've watched women go from timid, shy and overworked and happy, carefree and uplifted by the time they drive away. I want that for you. I want you to feel like the powerful, strong and feminine woman you are, not the woman society wants you to be. Find your inner wisdom, connect to your intuition and witness the magic of sisterhood.

I am in your corner. I am rooting for you. Do not spend one more minute thinking you are not worth it.

Sisterly Love,



J Muenz
CEO + Founder Fearful to Fit

we are fully booked.

King Suite Bedroom 1 - BOOKED!

  • Private $1390 single/3 payments of $465
  • Shared for $993 each or 3 payments of $331

King Suite Bedroom 2 - BOOKED!

  • Private $1390 single/3 payments of $465
  • Shared for $993 each or 3 payments of $331

King Suite Bedroom 3 - BOOKED!

  • Private $1390 single/3 payments of $465
  • Shared for $993 each or 3 payments of $331

King Suite Bedroom 4 - BOOKED!

  • Private $1390 single/3 payments of $465
  • Shared for $993 each or 3 payments of $331

King Suite Bedroom 5 - BOOKED!

  • Private $1390 single/3 payments of $465
  • Shared for $993 each or 3 payments of $331

King Suite Bedroom 6 - BOOKED!

  • Private $1390 single/3 payments of $465
  • Shared for $993 each or 3 payments of $331

Twin + Bunk Room

  • twin $897  ---> BOOKED!
  • bunk bed $835 / 2 payments $417 ---> BOOKED!

bunk bed payment plan - 2 equal payments every 30 days.

a peek of where you'll be staying...

most frequently asked questions:

  • If I have a food allergy, can you accommodate me?
    • YES! We accommodate EVERY type of food allergy and we've had them all...unless you say you're allergic to salt, then you're not allowed to come.


  • Is it weird if I'm coming alone?
    • Not at all, the last retreat we had, EVERY SINGLE WOMAN booked BY HERSELF. That's the kind of courageous women we have on these retreats.


  • Can I share a king suite with my bestie/sister?
    • Hell yes sister - easy payment plan for both of you.


  • Are we aloud to bring wine or other alcohol?
    • Yes! Do your thing. We don't provide alcohol and don't want women hanging from the chandeliers.


  • Is it cool if I skip a workout to sleep or read?
    • This is your weekend - YOU DECIDE what you need, so if you want to skip a workout, DO IT. Rest.


  • I have really bad anxiety and feel scared in social situations, will I be totally out of place?
    • We usually attract women with high anxiety who want to enjoy life, but are totally freaked out by not knowing a soul. You'll be right at home. 😉


  • I can't make this retreat, will you have another one this year?
    • Unfortunately, no. THIS IS THE ONLY RETREAT I'LL HAVE THIS YEAR! It's double the capacity and work, so Mama is going out with a bang on this one!


  • Are there refunds?
    • No, there are limited spots - no refunds! If you can't make it - you must find your own replacement.


After first payment you are agreeing to the terms and conditions here.

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