Year 5 of my Health Coaching Biz

I’ve been a biz owner for 5 years!

When I started my health coaching biz after graduating from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I had no clue what to do. I attended the year-long certification to figure out why I had such issues with food. 

I wanted to know why I would lose 10 pounds, feel frantic and immediately sabotage my weight loss with food.

I wanted to know why I could make it through the day eating salads and drinking smoothies, but couldn’t get to the store fast enough for a chocolate chip cookie at night.

I wanted to learn how to express my emotions, rather than stuffing them down.

I wanted to feel fit, not skinny.

I figured out ALL OF IT and then some during nutrition school. I knew that if I could lose 20 pounds without feeling trapped in my mind, recover from a decade-long eating disorder and stop working out 7 days a week then I needed to be a Health Coach for Women.

Knowing you’re meant to do something and actually doing it are two very separate ideas.

So, I dove in like I normally do and just started.

I hung posters on the bulletin board at my apartment complex in Seattle. I told the gyms and studios I taught fitness classes at that I was a Health Coach and started leading workshops and free talks.

I started booking sessions with clients, complimentary at first to build my confidence than slowly increased my rate as I felt more comfortable.

Day after day I read about how to build a biz, market yourself with soul and how to attract clients.

Things I never thought about when I started my business, I just wanted to be a Health Coach, but that didn’t work until I had clients.

Over the last 5 years I’ve had my share of ice and heat.

Months where you’re like, “I’m a baller!” And months when you just stare at the computer because you can’t think of how else to market yourself.

You can burn out fast and you can give up quick if you don’t have a support system or a mentor you can ask questions too.

I didn’t have one for years 1-3 and I kept trying different things, seeing what would stick and what I’d never do again.

Turns out private coaching paid for my mortgage bills, so I revved up the focus on that and had some pretty amazing times.

As a Mama of a 13 month old, my time is a little less structured and limited so I can only see a certain amount of clients a week. 

I have set boundaries with work, family and friends to preserve energy. 

I host 1-2 retreats per year and only accept paid opportunities.

New grads think they’ve “earned” paid jobs only and I understand totally. If you’re trying to pay your bills and you’ve just started your health coaching biz, keep another job until your health coaching biz can pay for your bills.

I jumped right in and gave it 100% which was good and bad.

Good – no other option + natural hustler

Bad – pregnant/recovering from a c-section with no residual income or paid vacation

Like with any business or career, there will be days you LOVE and want to hold onto and days where you wish you stayed in bed.

I’ve been on the news twice, wrote for major online publications, modeled for big brands and had a book deal.

I am sharing this because I want you to know that owning a business is: awesome, hard, fun, depleting, rewarding, amazing and confusing.

OH and I’ll be in an office one day a week starting March 2018 in Tacoma, WA. Most of my clients are in Seattle or California, but here’s to spreading wings in the Southend!

Would love to hear your dreams + goals.



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