How will you live without sugar and carbs this year?

Breaking up with sugar doesn’t have to be devastating. It can be like one of those breakups that’s kind of mutual, that feels necessary and totally OK, (all of my break ups were disasters)!  But breaking up with sugar is a little different than breaking up with a man.  You can make it hard for yourself, or you can make it easy.

Here are a few of the most simple ways to say bye bye bye to candy, carbs and any other food that zooms you to the sky and drops you on your ass:

      Licorice tea after meals – Naturally sweet, helps balance blood sugar, and it’s great for digestion.

      Substitutions – Swap bread, cereal, pancakes + waffles with slices of baked sweet potato and yams, pudding with chia and coconut milk, bananas with high fiber berries, etc.

      Eat loads of protein and fat – If your body’s been running off sugar, carbs and processed crap, you’ll need to give it a new fuel source to draw from. High-quality protein and saturated fats like coconut oil is great for stabilizing blood sugar levels and providing a valuable energy source.

      Embrace fiber – Eat plenty of fiber to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Greens, raw vegetables, berries, hemp seeds and flax seeds are all great sources of healthy fiber that will fill you up and keep you regular.

      Make your water dazzle – If you’re used to sugary drinks (chai teas, frappucino’s, juices and high sugar smoothies, try making your water more fun. I like to add sliced cucumber, lemon, orange, grapefruit, strawberry, blueberry and fresh mint. Or make a strong tea and drink that over ice.

      My fave supplements for curbing sugar cravings – When my sugar cravings are really coming on strong I like to take one of the following supplements: chromium picolinate, l-glutamine, 5-HTP, or inulin extract. Google them if the supplement names sound like Bill Nye the science guy.

      Make your own chocolate – Chocolate is comforting, my daily staple and has lots of healthy qualities. It’s easy to make your own with raw cacao powder, coconut oil, and stevia or xylitol for a natural sweetener. Or check out this recipe for inspiration.


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